Of lou and cheese…;)

I have a ridiculous cheesy romantic streak in me. There was a point when I was in love with Twilight( Yeah, those days are gone). But even now that one part gives me the fuzzy knees, where Edward is trying to control his attraction to Bella because of his thirst for her blood….

So here it goes….

My forbidden fruit…..

Your soul is the one thing in the world,
I want to touch, I want to feel,
I know it will give my heart,
A deep wound that’ll never heal.

Touching me with just your presence,
You are my forbidden fruit,
The very thought of wanting you,
Hits me with strength so brute.

Your gazes are like fire,
Burning me with passionate might,
But how do they soothe me at the same time,
Like stars twinkling in a velvety night.

Impatience of passion,unbridled,
Is this what they call this?
When I just want to seal our hearts,
Together with a flaming kiss.


Post # 1 : Of thoughts and poems…

This is my first blog on wordpress….I had a blog earlier on blogspot that I prefer keeping liking a personal diary….

I just read about the madness that is engulfing Afghanistan right now due to some Quran’s being burned. I fail to realise the point of killing your own men, forget people for something like religion. It makes me ugggh, so mad…..

I am just putting down a poem I had penned after the Johri Bazaar blasts in Mumbai…..Being here in San Diego, I felt so pathetic, so helpless…..It expresses what I thought of the scenario…

Laal aakash

Neend se aankhein khuli nahi,

Laga jaise andhera sa chaa gaya,
Apne desh ke aakash ko,
America mein bhi laal dhuein mein paaya.
Har taraf yeh kaise tabahi
Kyun yeh maut ka tamasha
Baarish aur aansuon mein beh gayi
Har ummeed har aasha
Yeh paise ke bhukein
Nahi jaante lahoon ka rang
Satta aur kursi ki hod mein
Ho raha janta ka jeevan bhang
“Marzi hui toh aaram se baithe,
Marzi hui toh blast karein
Hindustan hamara kya bigadega
Jab tak Maharashtra Bihar ladein.”
“Zindagiyan lootne ka mazaa
Hindustan mein kuch aur hi hai
Kya inke kayde kanoon,
Kasab ki zindagi, aam janta se mehengi hai”
Samay aa chuka hai,
Ek bhishan kranti kaa
Sattabaaz aur aantakvadiyon ko
Unki asli aukaat dikhane ka
Utaro andhein kanoon ki patti
Do sazaa in papiyon ko
Desh par ungli jo bhi uthae
Kat daalo ussi hatth ko.
Hai bharosa aam aadmi pe
Iss baar piche na hatengey
Ek din Bharat ki
Puri Disha hi modke rahenge
Agli Subah kuch aisi ho,
Ki chahek uthe sone ki chidiya
Puri duniya yahi soche
Nahi koi desh Bharat se badhiya…….