Things I miss about India and home

The list is random and is not according to ranking.

  1. Paani puri
  2. Garam phulka
  3. Gas burners
  4. Sun dried clothes
  5. Matke ka paani
  6. Awesome chat
  7. Mom’s khana
  8. Momos and grilled sandwiches
  9. Television with legit desi channels and Zee cinema šŸ˜›
  10. My dog Moony **sob**sniff**
  11. Sitting pillion on the scooty with dad running errands and me saying “Mujhe chocolate chaiye”. So what if I am all grown up…
  12. Cows and dogs busy with their meetings in the middle of the street.
  13. Sight of a Piggy walking with her piglets trotting in a line as if going for shopping.
  14. Combined dinners with my Mausi and Mausaji
  15. Mom’s naggings…Err, well no…I still get a regular dose…
  16. My awesome bed, sofa and dining table.Ā 
  17. My besties
  18. Rs. 50/- Osho slippers and Rs.20/- earrings and other random trinkets which I know I will never wear. Its too much work to remove my gold earrings and chain and wear something else.
  19. Indore’s(my hometown otherwise) eggrolls, dahi vadas, patties and gulab jamuns.
  20. My engg college and college katta
  21. Indo-chinese…**drools**
  22. My ‘no self-start, only kick start in 4th try’ scooty.
  23. Chintu, one of our adopted stray dogs
  24. Baaju wali aunty ka khich-khich
  25. The mad, colorful crowd on the street

Standing strong…


This painting that I made 2 days back, reminds me to stand strong against all odds. It is inspired by some of the blogs that I read and my family. It goes out for a mother, who is going against the world and societal norms to give her baby daughter a better and dignified life to live. It goes to the mother who is facing all that Mumbai throws at her :), and a couple of friends who are slogging it out in their professional and personal life.
It inspires me to stiffen up the upper lip, and face all the odds.
The medium is acrylic on canvas, and the paints are yellow, crimson red and black.


A poppy field…


I made a painting after almost 3 years. I was feeling so good when I started giving the blue wash to my canvas. The BF’s sis gave me her brushes and palette and some paints. I was more than happy to get my favorite stuff. Then, Karen and Chad in my lab spoke about having a painting session and I jumped right into their plan.
I have used Acrylic paints here and canvas sheets. I have used prussian blue, white, black, crimson red and yellow. Mixed these and got the hues that I wanted.
This painting makes me feel really good and happy inside. It reminds me of the flower fields in Carlsbad that me and BF had gone to last year.


Travelogue : My Boston weekend.

Haaah! Finally the Research Symposium is over and the presentation is done with it. Professor was happy, so I am happy. Now over to more work for the thesis defense. That rant will come in a couple of weeks.

By the way, I went to Boston last weekend. What a beautiful city! I loved it. And what luck, it had snowed just a day before, so got to see the entire landscape covered with powdered snow…Ohh so pretty!

This was a special trip. More than visiting Boston, it was about meeting my boyfriend’s sister, her hubby and her 5Ā monthĀ old adorable baby V. The BF had told his parents lastĀ DecemberĀ and I had met his parents casually in India. His sister is really really sweet. We gelled rather well and most of our hobbies are similar. she knew I like reading, so courtesy her, I am the owner of a brand new Kindle reader!! Yayaayyy for that! šŸ™‚ At night we all skyped with his parents and somehow it made me very comfortable. I feel that THAT is the family I want to live with. So much love already. I felt so good. IĀ haven’tĀ told my parents yet and will do so as soon as I start working, which should be hopefully soon. I just hope it lasts through the long distance when the BF is in India (he will be leaving for good soon), and I will be here to work forĀ at leastĀ 2 years.

So coming back to Boston, what a city! so wanted to go and meet Yuvraj Singh, but the BF said I was mad. šŸ˜¦ We even passed the Boston Medical Center where he is undergoing treatment. I wanted to wish Yuvi, so bad….

I had the honor of visiting MIT, the mecca of engineering. As we walked through the majestic building and peeped through the world class Labs, I was filled with a sense of awe. The library and common room was full of paintings and pictures that the students have indulged in as hobbies. I saw hordes of brilliant students eager to go and study and research on new brilliant things. I so wanted to take their pictures as well. It was just awesome!

Next we went to THE Harvard University. It was like taking a walk through pages of history. The guide told us about the students who have walked thoseĀ hallowedĀ portals and gone on to paths of greatness. So awesome.

We saw a small ice skating rink on the grounds and decided to skate. It was my first time, and boy, was I scared! But I did it and actually managed to skate along the circumference a fair few times. although one hand was always close to the railing because I was not confident enough. Our friend Varun was the funniest! He was literally hugging the railing all the time….So funny.

Yeah, I also visited the sites of the Boston Tea Party and the Declaration of American Independence.

We had a nice Mexican lunch. For 2 people from San Diego, it was kind of stupid to go to Boston and have mexican food. But what to do, when your BF is silly boy who is so averse to experimenting with cuisines. everybody wanted to try out some Mongolian but alas! apparently when he was a kid, he had gone for some Europe tour and had eaten only French Fries throughout the journey. Gaaah!

Taking the flight back to SD was an adventure in itself! We were in the bus from the airport car rental to the Boston terminal at 5 pm when we get a call that our 6 30 flight toĀ Minneapolis(the stopover) has been postponed to 8 30 pm. and within 2 minutes of that call we get another call saying that we have been put in another flight with a stopover to Salt Lake City that will depart at 5 25 pm. Whaaaaaat!!! We ran for our lives, took our boarding passes, snaked through the security and run till the last damned gate of the terminal. Phew! We caught our flight at 5 23pm with people in the plane giving us weird looks. Our flight was changed cuz we would not have been able to get a flight from Min to SD.

Rather adventurous, right?



Procrastination, much?

Ugghhh…I hate this situation. I dont know how I ALWAYS push myself to this. I have to show a presentation to my thesis adviser tomorrow, and I have barely anything done. And this is coming from me who had great plans of doing her thesis defense by april…BLAHHH
My laziness is going to kill it for me. I know it. But do I do anything about it? Hell, no! I dont get whats wrong with me. Why cant I just haul my ass up and finish my tasks on time. There are so many times that I am stuck under truck loads of work just cuz I kept delaying it. My studies, my papers, my presentations, my homeworks. and so, when there is a truck load of stuff on my head, I want to just be done with it and stop caring about my grades. So bad…boo….
I want to yell a little more at myself, but better get back to work with this damned presentation.