Things I miss about India and home

The list is random and is not according to ranking.

  1. Paani puri
  2. Garam phulka
  3. Gas burners
  4. Sun dried clothes
  5. Matke ka paani
  6. Awesome chat
  7. Mom’s khana
  8. Momos and grilled sandwiches
  9. Television with legit desi channels and Zee cinema πŸ˜›
  10. My dog Moony **sob**sniff**
  11. Sitting pillion on the scooty with dad running errands and me saying “Mujhe chocolate chaiye”. So what if I am all grown up…
  12. Cows and dogs busy with their meetings in the middle of the street.
  13. Sight of a Piggy walking with her piglets trotting in a line as if going for shopping.
  14. Combined dinners with my Mausi and Mausaji
  15. Mom’s naggings…Err, well no…I still get a regular dose…
  16. My awesome bed, sofa and dining table.Β 
  17. My besties
  18. Rs. 50/- Osho slippers and Rs.20/- earrings and other random trinkets which I know I will never wear. Its too much work to remove my gold earrings and chain and wear something else.
  19. Indore’s(my hometown otherwise) eggrolls, dahi vadas, patties and gulab jamuns.
  20. My engg college and college katta
  21. Indo-chinese…**drools**
  22. My ‘no self-start, only kick start in 4th try’ scooty.
  23. Chintu, one of our adopted stray dogs
  24. Baaju wali aunty ka khich-khich
  25. The mad, colorful crowd on the street

13 thoughts on “Things I miss about India and home

  1. considering you llive in pune & indore is your hometown, i wonder how come poha is not on this list. oh, right, maybe you make it quite regularly or something?


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