Happy Birthday Moony!

It was my sweetie pie’s b’day  on 19th July 2012. He is a big old guy now.

My dad celebrated in style and got him a bouquet! Haha… He sniffed at it, and just as dad was taking a solo pic of him on the sofa with the flowers, he dropped it on the floor…. Such a sweet nut he is! Mom made a basic cake for him, which unfortunately did not rise… Mum still has not gotten a feel of the temperature settings of our new microwave…. But Moony and we love her food nevertheless… 🙂

I remember his b’day in 2009, just a couple of weeks before I left for USA…. We had put streamers and stuff for him…. 🙂 Oh, how I miss him…. My <3…..



Flowers and cake for the b’day boy!