That last memory….

There was a long line for the security check. Also, there was some time left yet to get to the gate for boarding. She had come to drop him off for the last time. For the last time. It was going to be the last few moments of togetherness. They both had their friends and his previous roommates for company.
Just a couple of months before, they had decided to part ways for ‘the greater good’. For his family and for her’s, for his future and her’s, it was imperative that they break up. After two years of absolute fabulousness, sprinkled with its ups and downs, it was going to be over. They were reluctant to let go of each other. The connection refused to snap, but they had to break it.
They sat in the lounge with their friends talking about frivolous things. She was laughing at all the jokes, at the funny stories and all the crazy memories. Only he knew of the emotional turmoil her heart was going through. She was losing him. She had that knot in her stomach which signified that those were probably the last few memories she was making of him. She worked hard, really hard, to keep that smile on her face and made sure the tears kept out of her eyes.
And then, it was time. They picked up his bags and made their way to the security line. That was it. He said bye to all his friends. And then he said goodbye to her. As he pulled her into his arms for the last time, she could feel her throat choke up with emotions, with love and with fear. He kissed her for the last time and then let go. She kept waiting to see him inch down the line. She kept stealing those last moments. Those last glances of his face.
And then, he turned, and was gone. Before that he stole that last look at her face. The last memory was made.

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