Chipotle vs Pani Puri

I had a Chipotle veggie burrito bowl today for lunch and so, Pepper I have fulfilled my side of the promise. 🙂
Hope this satiates your cravings to some extent.


(After mixing, otherwise I end up eating only rice at the end!)

Btw, I got the raw end of the deal because those panipuris looked super YUMMY!

8 thoughts on “Chipotle vs Pani Puri

  1. To my chipotle starved soul, this is divinity. That guacamole is making me weak. Thank you, girl! By the way, you are in South Cal, aren’t you? You CAN get decent pani puri around there, but I just CAN’T get a good bowl of Chipotle here. So no, you didn’t get the raw end of the deal 😀

    But no prob, my next visit to the US is a relatively long one, coming up in the next 2 months. So there, I will stuff myself with all my favourites. With that thought, I will hold on to my desires.. lol.


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