Of random stuff… 2

My randomness returns. Have a million things going on in my head. This randomness helps me break away from that randomness.

1. I am a hypochondriac. I am always convinced I have some or the other disease. I self-diagnose my symptoms using Dr. Internet, and then self-treat, and refuse to go to the real doctor. But when I do, I am usually right about my symptoms and medication options. *For the win!* I have to self-treat my cold and sore throats in the US anyways. I had bought my Pune Dr’s prescription for treating 20 days of sickness.

2. I wear a gold ring and a chain, that was given to me by my maternal grandpa and my dad respectively, for my naming ceremony in my 6th month. The ring is on my left pinky. The chain has a cute golu molu Ganpati pendant(21st birthday). The chain is short now and just goes around my neck. But it was sort of rubbing against my neck and breaking my hair in clumps. Also, it fell off once or twice. So, I have started wearing it as a bracelet on my left wrist. I also wear a ring on my right middle finger(18th b’day) and the same gold ear-rings since class 7th bought in Ratlam with my cousins. I have gold 2nd piercings too. I just realized that is a lot of gold. But pretty, dainty and delicate gold. Anymore, and I might just look like Bappi da.

3. My friend VS(a guy, not Victoria’s Secret), from my class in engg college, said I blink really slow. Like really abnormally slow. He said he could count 1-2-3 during my blink.

4. I like shopping, like a normal girl would. But I HATE shoe shoppin. I have tiny feet and I need a shoe size 5-5.5-6 depending on the brand(USA), which is tiny and usually not available. Also, I don’t wear heels, because of flat feet and sort of a self-diagnosed bunion. But I don’t like ballet flats which show toe cle*v*ge. 😦

5. Princess Butter stays away from hand bags. If I had my way, I would still carry backpacks everywhere. I have carried backpacks for eating out, movies, dates. I lived through college with my red backpacks. I just cannot make myself carry handbags on my shoulder or the crook of my arm. Ugghhh. I can still manage a tote and I find sling bags comfortable. The xBF had gifted me a faux black leather, formalish sling bag to carry to work. It goes everywhere and not just to work. His last gift to me was a Steve Madden tote/sling/handbag with different straps. I am yet to use it. It is in the ‘shall be preserved for a long time before use’ museum with other clothes/accessories. I like to keep new things new for REALLY long. Hehehe!

Thats all for now. Adios amigos.

14 thoughts on “Of random stuff… 2

  1. I just went on laughing reading each point.. What is that you call one who diagnoses oneself and treats oneself too? hypochondriac? 😛 LOL well, I am one too 😀 I am always checking my pulse, and gulping down coconut water to manage my BP… I always find a way to not see a doc! 😀

    So much gold.. .:P 😛 I dont like gold.. .I’d rather wear silver.. But I do wear a gold ring that my mom gave me on my 22nd Birthday! 😛 That’s kind nondetachable now!

    I tried blinking slowly…it kinda reduces my speech speed …and thinking speed too 😛 how does it work with u ? i am curious!

    shoe shopping.. i know what u mean.. I am size 9 in india and that’s as good as ur situation! 😀

    I dont have many handbags either.. I’d rather be handsfree…bagpacks and worst case a sling… that’s me!


  2. i used to be the backpack girl, but i don’t know what happened or changed a couple of years ago, i started buying handbags. now i have very many and i dont even use all that on a regular basis. need to control my unending need to want to buy handbags every now and then.


  3. I am obsessed with handbags of late. There was a time when even I was a backpack girl. I keep buying handbags every time I go out. I have such a huge collection these days.
    Gold from when you were 6 months old? wow.. I don’t like to wear anything gold, not even my engagement ring (which made people doubt my sanity :P)


  4. Even Im a person who hate to carry a hand bag even if its a party 😛 I dunno why but I dont feel comfortable carrying them and neither is it compared to the backpack 🙂


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