Test for A

I have a BFF who I am close to. She says she has read this blog once after I gave her the name of my blog. And then she asked me the name again yesterday. She does it for pictures, mails, etc as well. “I forgot/I did not see. Please tell/send again.”
So this is a test for you A. I had sent you this poem last year on your birthday. If you read this space, leave a comment. I am going to note when you read and comment. That will decide what I get for you when I come to India.

I met a silly girl,
she was really silly.
For the complete lack of imagination,
lets call her Silly.

Silly girl is such a nut,
to the point of being a prat,
when it comes to sweet animals,
she’s such a scaredy cat.

Silly girl loves talking to everyone,
made us almost miss our trains.
But I am the only one
whom she causes max hurt and pain ;’-)

Silly girl loves her Copper chocs,
and stole my idea of going to Chinese room.
That makes me want so badly
to hit her with a broom.

Always dressed in blacks,
or browns and muddy greens.
Whenever in salwar kurtas
its a sight to watch her preen.

Silly girl wouldnt wear some floaters
cuz they had a yellow mark.
She wouldnt be caught dead,
in colors bright and happy as a lark.

Silly girl loves texting,
clickety clickety click,
even in the middle of conversations,
she’s that big a prick!

Silly girl has a scarf,
super dirty and smelly.
Whenever asked to trash it,
all she does is dilly-dally.

Silly girl was born on 1st march,
the weirdest of all dates.
Just to rhyme something with that,
she should change her name to Kate.

Anyways, I love that silly girl,
even with her stupidities willy-nilly.
So why did I write so much for you?
Just to say Happy B’day, Silly!

P.S. This silly girl wears bright stuff now and is happily married since November’13. But she will still call normal function types sarees ‘zhaang pang’. I do not understand her dictionary.


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