Of long nights…

I glance over the time,
It blinks 10 o clock,
Feels like a free spirited boat,
Stuck alone in the dock.

It is 10.30 pm now,
I am trying to get some sleep,
I can’t seem to empty my mind,
Of the memories etched deep.

It is almost 11 now,
My eyes refuse to shut,
I feel so lost here alone,
Life is stuck in a rut.

The time is close to midnight,
I force myself for a shuteye,
Only to wake up the next day,
With a deep long sigh.

10 thoughts on “Of long nights…

  1. Ill repeat what ani said….its a bad phase….10 yrs later, this probably wont matter as much! meanwhile..just hang in there…and watch lots of cookie monster videos. Its better than therapy.


  2. That’s so my story..but after some breathing exercises, i’ve been able to sleep well lately 😀 try it! 😀

    How on earth can we trade “thoughts” for “peace”? I know sometimes all one needs is peace..peaceful sleep and nothing else.. it will get better, princessbutter…hang in thr!


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