Of my 5k and post race madness

I finally took the plunge and did a 5km run on Sunday. The occasion was a St. Patrick’s day celebration and the race was called Leprechaun Leap. I finished it in 37.49 minutes and timed at 7.5 min/km. I feel very proud of myself for running around 2/3rd of it, when I expected to run just a mile. I remember how I was incapable of running for even a minute around a year back. And with this result, I feel so good about myself. It was a fun race and there were lots of people from work participating. The company MD and Sales head were dressed as leprechauns with their wives in tow, dressed in tutus. The route covered going into these hangers in the town, that were built during WWII to park blimps or aircrafts. It was an amazing experience!

Post the race, we went to a bar. I did this extremely stupid thing of not eating enough and not having enough water to let my body recover. I had 2 beers and at some point one of our chief vendors gave me his Vodka with cranberry. It did it. That was it. I was on cloud 9, 10. 15, whatever. Thankfully, the bosses’ wives and our GM Erica and her fiancé were pretty drunk too. I have a distinct memory of MD’s wife handing me her tutu and I did a belly dance jig in it. Holy sh*t!

Extremely luckily, they had just left when I threw up and hit rock bottom. My friend Shawn from work put me in a cab and dropped me home, wiped me clean. He and his bootcamp friends took amazing care of me, and I could not be more grateful. I do not remember anything of it. I blacked out after a few selfies, and I just cannot remember the bosses’s wives leaving, or the throwing up or the cab ride. This all happened at noon and I woke up at 7 pm. So there went my life’s 7 hours that I will never know about. I managed to shower after that somehow and went back to bed. I was still really high at night. As a result I have a really bad tummy. Although, it might be because I had fried eggs there which had a bit of runny yolk, and my system hates uncooked eggs. I have nausea even two days after. I have had a gazillion pudin hara, saunf, yogurt and rice, lemon juice, etc.

The race was amazing, and the post-race beer was equally agonizing. Well, I have learnt my lesson that after a workout, even a normal dose of beer can do insane harm.

No. More. Beer. Atleast for a year.

The funniest part is, the next day, both the bosses’ laughed and asked me if I was okay. Apparently the other two ladies have sort of party animals’ reputation, so I did fine. 😀

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