I am scared….

(Not in a particular order)

1. That I will get fired.
2. My H1b visa will get rejected.
3. About my parents.
4. About my dog.
5. That my lashes will fall off because I love rubbing my eyes so much.
6. That someone will think I am ugly cuz of my acne scars and fat glasses.
7. That I will never get married.
8. That the xBF will get married.
9. That I will get married to a jerk.
10. That I might have psoriasis or the sudden new dark spot on my lip might be a warning.
11. That my acne prone skin will never get better.
12. That I will be ignored, will not be important for anyone and be abandoned by everyone.
13. That my favorite mason jar bottle will fall and the glass will shatter.
14. That I will have a crazy weight gain.
15. That no one will cry when I die.

28 thoughts on “I am scared….

  1. I feel like reading my own list 🙂 🙂 every bit you have stated here runs in my brain 🙂 🙂 i am not lying but its true!! same pinch on acne prone skin…. I hate this acne thingy.. I wish to kill but couldn’t.. touch-wood mine got reduced to a great extent.. try skipping coffee and choco product and skip processed food and deep fried item… don’t stare at me 😦 that’s wat my doc prescribed:( 😦 try doing it 🙂 🙂 you will be happily married to a gentle man and your xbf will definitely feel bad by seeing your happy life 🙂 🙂 doggiee and parents will be super fine and definitely the spot on your lips should be because of any new lip gloss… even my sister got it… never use Vaseline to lips just apply honey or ghee you will sooper dooper well 🙂 🙂 green tea is an option to shed the gained weight 😀 😀 if i happen to hear your journey to heaven you will earn a bucket of tears okie 🙂 🙂 and one day you will come back to this list and feel much better 🙂 and i have mailed god to put a tick in for your visa and he said ok 🙂 🙂 chill dear you will do fine 🙂


    • That is such a sweet, super sweet message :). I am trying tons of things about acne. Lets see what happens. And the spot on my lip just came last week! I got freaked out! So your sister’s went away? I hope mine does too. I feel really touched with your message. 🙂 very nice of you…


  2. You need to travel. And by travel, I don’t mean like a tourist. India or Africa would be my recommendation 🙂
    Why? Well… I should write something on that and pingback it here 🙂


  3. 1- When will ur equation with ur boss come in handy?
    2- Marry a green card holder.
    3- Dont worry, they will NEVER adopt another kid in ur absence and give ur room to her.
    4- 😦
    5- Ull have more wishes to make. Wish ke for every lash that falls 15 must sprout. Do this everytime a lash falls. Then see how a jungle grows on ur eyelids. Then ur eyelid will not be able to take the weight of the lashes and they will always be droopy. That’s when u might get fired coz ur boss will think you always sleep instead of working. On the brighter side, lakme colossal mascara will want you to endorse their product.
    6- Have nothing to say here.
    7- Open a profile on shaadi.com. Mardon ki koi kami nahi hai. Sponsor a guy his ticket to the US. He will marry you in a jiffy and always remain faithful.
    8- He will marry a girl with teeth like So*** M***. Then you can amuse urself picturing them kiss. OR get a doll that looks like him and practice voo doo. Make his “married life” miserable.
    9- You can do voo doo on him too.
    10- Go to the doc.
    11- Use clean & clear. Jab andar se clean na ho, toh bahar se clear kaise dikhega?
    12- This is quite possible. Since you are the size of a micro organism, its very easy to overlook/abandon you.
    13- Push it ekdum shelf ke peeche.
    14- VLCC
    15- Depends on when you die. You could maybe hire a few people to shed some tears. Sign contracts with them when you alive and hope like hell that they follow the contract. If you die before me, i dont mind crying for you. Itna toh i can do. I have a dariya dil, you see.


  4. Oh wow! I counted and can relate on almost half. Sad as you would think worries reduce as your grow older and get wiser and learn to let go, and I am guessing I am a few years older to you but nevertheless a chronic worrier too! Stuff that helps me forget my mundane worries is watching mindless TV – the more mindless and silly, the better, pick some reality ones or go in the opposite direction and watch season after season of a classic sitcom, I can make some recommendations there too!
    Or pick up a nice, relaxing book – chicklet always works. Or kill yourself working out at the gym and come back and crash! Been there, done that and all of them work.


    • I am not alone.. Hehe… What makes it worse is that I am a confused, indecisive soul, that when coupled with being a chronic worrier just spells doom. 😛
      I watch a ton of TV! A lot of stupid reality series like Roadies, Splitsvilla. Haha. I have stopped watching hindi serials, but I read and catch up on written episodes. *Cough, Balika Vadhu, cough* I watch so many American series and just finished Scandal.
      And I do kill myself at the gym. 😀
      See? I am such a good girl, I am already following your suggestions.
      Ooh, I shall ask you about chicklits once I finish reading this Marathi book called Mrityunjay. That is some heavy reading and absolutely dont want to take any other distraction. Haha.


  5. princessbutter… fears are good. They make you appreciate a lot of things! and nothing of what you said is gonna happen, so chill..and enjoy the moment and if you want a nice read…read this book called “Power of now” by Eckhart Tolle… 😉

    It has helped me immensely! makes you forget your fears!


  6. If me, the girl who is practically blind without her glasses and who has some terrible, terrible skin can get married, then you, my dear, will most certainly will. Don’t worry too much. Everything will turn out just perfect.


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