The Salad Chronicles

I carry a green salad for lunch almost everyday with a serving of fruit. I believe in healthy eating. I have read and I firmly believe that one big part of your daily intake should be bright green and colorful vegetables in their raw form. It is essential for a healthy digestion and keeps you full with the calorie intake in check. Healthy living has become a very important part of my life and nothing makes my body feel cleaner and uplifted than a box of mixed spring greens.

Okay, I lied. I carry salad ONLY because it is the easiest thing to put together for lunch, and I don’t want to eat out everyday. And I want to continue trying to fit in my clothes. I used to carry some leftover dinner when I was at grad school, but I hate re-heating food and I detest cold roti. I got sick of soapy-tasting maggi and cold rice. Also, I had gained crazy weight and I was insanely conscious about my calorie intake. I used to see Karen and Brian bringing some yummy salads with feta cheese and colored bell papers so I got inspired as well.

Since then, I carry a box of salad to work. When I was at school, I would put in some chopped mushrooms, a boiled egg, half a red bell pepper and half a tomato with the lush green spring leaves. But my laziness has taken over now, and on a good day, my salad sees half a red bell pepper and half a tomato with loads of leaves. Most of the times it is just one of the two red vegetables/fruit(for the botanical purists, tomato is a fruit, I agree). I buy and use the best dressings though. Currently I have the Olive Garden’s signature Italian dressing which is exactly what they use in their salads. Yummmm, so good! My favorite is something with asiago or feta cheese lumps in it. Just salads can get a bit boring, but then I change it up with some nuts thrown in, some flax seeds sprinkled, or I change my dressing. And I have to carry lunch just 2-3 times a week. I get a healthy lunch from work(sandwich or a better fruity salad and acai smoothie) through work and I go out on Fridays with some colleagues.

It does add to the weird generalization that I can eat only salads being a vegetarian. But it is better than people staring at my rice/roti/stir-fry veggies/maggi and asking if I am eating ‘curry’. I am a little bored of trying to clarify that curry is not the only thing Indians eat and it is more of a weekend leisure cooking or a restaurant recipe. Sometimes I counter-ask if they eat only noodles(for an Asian person) or a burger(if it is someone white). The ‘where is my biryani’ guy still assumes I am hiding biryani under the bed of salad in my humble little lunchbox.

I don’t really know what else to write, so I will leave with two things I have gone through many times while having my lunch.

1. If I am eating in my cubicle, someone will come along exactly at the moment when I am stuffing my mouth with the leaves and half the leaves and the stems are hanging out from my mouth like a goat.

2. If I am going to the water cooler to fill my bottle immediately after finishing the salad, or if I eat in the lunchroom with some people, it is EXTREMELY awkward to smile openly and talk normally because, I KNOW I have green stuff stuck on all my teeth.

P.S. I cannot believe I wrote an entire post about salad. Heights of pseudo-creativity.

20 thoughts on “The Salad Chronicles

    • Lol. Yes! I had to experiment and figure out my optimum portion. Haha
      I eat fruits and yogurt after some time anyways. Plus chocolates or donuts or bagels, depending on what’s available at work. 😀


  1. as much as i love my greens, i can’t eat salad and feel full 😦 i get hungry within an hr or so and end up eating junk. sigh.
    loved #1. ahhahhahahhaha, can’t stop imagining it and laughing out loud 😀


    • I eat a big lunchbox full of it. It takes me 45 min to finish it. And then after an hour or two i eat some fruits or yogurt. So it turns out alright for me. But my mom who is a healthy eater herself, always worries and thinks i am not eating enough. 😀


  2. hahahaa… I don’t know how I missed reading this one! 😀 😀 I wish I could do salad routines too, but I am too lazy to do that.. but your post has inspired me, perhaps for the next few days, I’ll try to follow it! 😀

    And this is amazing creativity! keep ’em coming! 🙂


  3. I cant stop laughing at the goat comment. I conjured up this pic of you with a fork in one hand, looking up from the table (chin very close to table), and leaves hanging out of ur mouth and you showing all teeth. Its tickling me a lot.


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