The Liebster Award!

Well, well! Srishty from Life of Srish, has conferred my first award upon me!

Tadaaaaa… The Liebster Award!


I am very very happy that she considered me worthy of the award. It feels nice that someone likes what I write, which is just an outpouring of the crazy stew cooking in my head. It feels very pleasant that my readers can feel that emotion that I try to express. All your comments, likes and the feedback are very much appreciated and looked forward to.

I am going to do the needful as she states in her blog and follow the Lieb’s rules and regulations.


A. Thank the blogger who gives it to you.
B. Answer the eleven questions he/she asks.
C. Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers. [I am going to bend this rule a bit, I’ll choose eleven bloggers whom I want to choose, instead of necessarily the ones with less than 500 followers].
D. Ask these eleven bloggers eleven questions.
E. Let these bloggers know that I have nominated them.

So, here it goes….

A. Thank you sooooooo much Srishty. Big hug to you! Specially because this is no way close to the beauty and fashion blogs you love and favor, and yet you read me. 😀

B. 11 Questions by Srishty.

1. Describe your blog as simply as possible.     My blog is just a zany mix of colors which can be as bright as the sun or as dark as the midnight sky.

2. Name one movie that you can watch over and over again.     I can watch the Harry Potter series, in marathons. I love them! Also, I wish I was naming some super intelligent movies, but I have seen ‘Desi Spiderman’ 4 times and ‘Jaani Dushman'(the one with Manisha Koirala, Armaan Kohli as ichchadhari snakes, and Akshay Kumar, etc etc) around 8-9 times. It was always on on Zee Cinema! I had to watch something! Not my fault. Check this video out for the best song ever from Desi Spiderman.

3. Name your favorite food item (if it is too difficult to choose, pick any one of your favorites.     Too many to choose from honestly. But Pani Puri is my big time favorite.

4. Do you believe in passion? If yes, have you found yours?     I don’t know if I believe in it, and I don’t know if I have found it. The kind of person I am, honestly, I will not know or I will end up questioning it. I would like to ponder over it rather than give a textbook answer.

5. Any quote or learning in life that had a huge impression on you.     “Mere Karan-Arjun aayenge. Zaroor ayenge.”

6. One thing that you would want to change about yourselves.     My quick temper and my constant feeling of being ignored and abandoned. Also, my nose, my acne, hair and weight. Can I turn into Deepika Padukone, please?

7. Name one blogger whose blog you love reading.     There are so many. But I will name the first blog I remember reading, back in my 2nd year of engineering. It was by a guy who left engineering and started studying Design in Singapore, and was a great photographer, Hershey Desai. I started my own super private blog right after that, which is a personal diary. And then, I started this blog. The one blog that really pushed me into starting to write was Pepper’s. Also, love reading my own Mo’s blog, Khayali Pulao. The BFF deserves a mention.

8. You have tickets for a book fair, a food festival, a cricket match and a movie marathon at an auditorium, all four happening at the same time. Which one would you choose and why?     I don’t care so much about a movie marathon(Netflix zindabad!), or a cricket match(at all!). I am a voracious reader, so I just might go to the book fair. But then, I can buy the books anytime. Hmm. I guess, if I have my friends with me, I will hit the Food Fest. I do love eating. No point giving a fake answer to this. Y’all won’t judge me. 😀

9. One good childhood memory.     Playing with all the roadie doggies around my then residences. 🙂 Rest in Peace, sweethearts.

10. Something that you are currently hooked on to. (For example, a book that you are currently reading, the Indian politics scene, some new dish that you recently ate, some blog that you recently discovered).     I am stuck with this book ‘Mrityunjay’ in Marathi. It is very tedious for me to read and it is a very heavy read. But whatever I am reading, is mindblowing. Also, addicted to American shows. Game of Thrones is a new discovery. Ooh, I am turning into a gym rat and loving my Belly Dancing classes. 😀

11. Any feedback about my blog (don’t worry about being nice, just be honest 🙂)     I really like how your blog sort of shows your friendly persona very clearly. It is a potpourri of your lifestyle, but so relate-able. But the best part is your picture! Girl-crushing on those kohl-ed eyes! 😀

C. Nominating fellow bloggers for the Liebster Award.


R’s Mom


Khayali Pulao




Pop Goes the Biscuit

Sanity Vows

Rubber Pal

Riddhi Roy

D. So, here are my 11 questions for you all:

1.       What is the significance behind your blog name/title and the name you have chosen(if) for yourself.

2.       What inspired you to start blogging?

3.       In your list of pictures, how many are selfies? 😀

4.       Name a place in India and one abroad that you really would want to visit or re-visit.

5.       What is your daytime job when you are not moonlighting as a ‘city vigilante’, err, or a blogger? (Sorry, just saw Spiderman2)

6.       What is the most amazing thing and the most annoying thing about yourself?

7.       What is the most amazing thing and the most annoying thing about the opposite sex?

8.       Everyone asks about love. I want to know how important do you think lust is in a relationship?

9.       What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

10.   How much time do you take to get ready for work?

11.   Last but not the least, where and how do you see yourself in ten years from now?

E. Shall do the needful… 😀


21 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!

  1. This was so much fun to read! Loved it to the core! 😀 and lol, I know one person in this world who has watched desi spiderman! hahaha! and, yes, I am sure everyone has watched that song, if not, they are missing a lot in life. 😛

    BTW, I don’t love beauty blogs more than the other blogs, its just that because of all the shopping, the colors and everything, they get super addictive. Oh, and, I love your blog! (Don’t know how many times have I said that) 😀


  2. You are so cute 🙂 🙂
    Roadie doggies? You are one brave girl- have always been scared of dogs. Not sure why though. I am more of a cat person.

    Karan Arjun aayenge 😛 Haha.. I so remember the way she said it in the movie. I aced my school exams, and my mother and I went out to watch that movie. It was fun. But of course, I only remember Mamta Kulkarni’s mirror scene and you can’t blame me for that. Thank you for bringing all of that back 🙂

    Interesting questions. Mazaa aayega. I have taken up this award sometime back, but I like the questions. Masaaledaar hai 😛


    • *Blush blush* thank you. 🙂
      I love all animals! I can go out and pat any dog or scratch any cat. I just dont get scared. I love their loving smiles and blinky eyes when someone shows them love instead of shooing them around.
      Haha! The mirror scene! And the weirdest item number ever? Mujhko ranaji maaf karna….
      I am glad you like the questions! 🙂


  3. Thank you so much. I feel very honoured 🙂 Those are very interesting questions. I will take this up asap.

    And after I read this post, I opened your gravatar image to have a better view of you. YOU complain about your acne, your nose and your hair? HMPH! Why would you make me feel more miserable about myself?


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