No bay area anymore

Yeah, the trip is cancelled. Abhi has to work on Saturday. Poor thing.
At least there is sunshine outside and I have shopped a li’l too much this past week to keep me happy and buoyant for quite some time. 😀
Retail therapy works!! At least till the time you go and check the bank balance.

14 thoughts on “No bay area anymore

  1. Oh oh! Hopefully some time soon. Enjoy the spoils of retail therapy..this post makes me want to go and shop and though I am in NYC I miss shopping with my girlfriends in Austin. Sigh! I need some work basics as I am in Austin next week for meetings but I am so bored to go shopping alone here..might just do it there!


    • I have started shopping alone now. Earlier it was the xBF. But then after he left, I had to step out. Now I like it. Relieves my stresses and I dont have to worry about taking too much time or being too choosy n stuff. But yeah, company is always good!


      • I don’t mind shopping alone as such..just like getting another person’s opinion on fit etc. Every time the husbadoo takes Bandar off my hands to give me some me time I use it to read , sleep, cook…need to get out and shop then instead. Or I can take Bandar with me but she gets bored easily..sigh! Twenty one month olds!!


        • I know! You cant shop with a toddler. Unless its her stuff. They get bored and cranky then. Perhaps your hubby can sit with her in the play zone and you can take pics in the fitting room and text him. I used whatsapp to get the x’s and now Moo’s opinion.


  2. Ohh good job I did not book the tickets. .:-)

    And its raining elephants and camels here now..

    And yes retail therapy helps till you see the bank balance for sure..


  3. Retail therapy 🙂 I started talking to this girl, and she is into shopping as well. Don’t quite understand the forces at work 😦 She has a separate market area in Delhi cut out for the kind of things she wants to buy :O We guys are rather simple. Ek hi dukaan mein sab le lete hain 😛

    I have a feeling, you are no different that this girl 😀


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