FIFA fever!

Who do you support??

I am very bad at choosing sides because then I feel bad for the other time. I also feel terrible for the losing team.
Last year I was torn between Spain’s Casillas(hottie!) and the Dutch for being a fab team. Sadly it was such an anti-climax. And I stayed up late for THAT! I was visiting India at that time.

Like they say, your year goes depending on Jan 1st, I have a funny feeling about it. The first goal was a self goal and that has set the ball rolling, into their own nets. Haha!

Go FIFA! Ole!

4 thoughts on “FIFA fever!

  1. Yeah we have had a couple of self goals now..even bosnia did that..

    I am aupporting any team as such but following the player more like it.. for some reason this time there are not that many popular names or may be I am not into it..

    Last time is was figo..raul.zidaine..henry..ronaldo. italians .etc etc

    Hopefully messi will show his class this time although germany and netherlands did so good they both defeated good teams ..


    • I like Messi because he is so focused on his game. I hope he does well. The Dutch took their revenge and how! Germany has always been a very strong team. I rooted for them in 2002 and every year after.


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