Randomness, encore

My creative juices have vanished somewhere. So, I am going to post another set of random things about me.

1. I can be usually seen picking on my scalp. My mom imitates me where I am sitting and picking on my scalp and staring at a single hair in the front slightly cross-eyed. Geez, writing this makes me realise how stupid I must look.

2. I get obsessed with what I read very easily. There are new phases one after the another where I want eye lash curler, MAC blush, eyebrow makeup, and currently, cuticle smoothner and remover. Don’t ask. I never end up actually getting stuff.

3. I was a fairly low maintainance girlfriend, except the temper and mood swing part. I did not expect gifts, and if I had to, I would tell the xBF to just take me with him and let it be my choice, cuz then I can get picky. Also, I would pick up cheaper stuff to not burden him and would mostly go dutch when going out on dates.

4. Somehow lately my wardrobe for work is just blues and blacks and greys. I am infusing more color and turning it more feminine with dresses. I got atleast 10 compliments the other day when I wore a new frock style dress to work. My bosses’ reactions ranged from ‘Wow!’ to ‘What a pretty lady!’. It made me very happy.

5. I have realised that I am in a life-stage with friends where I don’t have a say. It is either follow the group or don’t. It is nobody’s fault. The days where I was an equal decision maker in groups is a thing of past and it will take some time to get it back. It will take some time getting used to. Kinda hard to explain.


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