Lately, I have been binge-watching One Tree Hill on Netflix. There is this Ross and Rachel like couple on it Lucas and Peyton. He is engaged to another girl.

In one of the episodes I saw yesterday, Peyton’s best friend asks her if she is in love with Lucas or with the thought of being in love with him. She admits that it is both actually.

She is in love with him knowing that it cannot happen. And she is in love with the thought of being in love with him, because it is so comfortable to be in that situation. The very idea of being in love with a person who is perfect for you is extremely appealing and can be like that warm, soft blanket you cannot let go off even if the temperatures are rising. Sometimes it is easier to be in that dream world than to face the reality. It is easier to float along than to open your heart and risk losing it again.

These are such blurred lines.

14 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. This was an interesting post, I get what you are saying. But do you think that this also happens because you know you can’t be with that person and so don’t have to worry about all the practical things that you don’t like.. That you can just believe in that fantasy and not have to worry about the reasons that that relationship may not work in the real world or in the long term… And if it were to come true, you’re not sure if you would be ready for that!
    P.S. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and thought of commenting several times but didn’t get around to it!


    • You caught my gist perfectly. Just the idea of being in love can be so comforting. After a long time of separation, we can be afraid of letting go. The whole idea of looking for someone new or of not having that perfect person even in memories is such a jolting thought. This make-believe world can be better than reality. Dream world is so much better than practicality.
      PS- I am glad you commented. πŸ™‚


  2. Hmmm I think sometimes we just fall for what is comfortable. . And doing something different is always a bit challenging and getting out of that comfortable zone is always a bit hard..

    I know the feeling


  3. Very true. Comfort zones may not always end well, yet it makes us feel all cozy. Find it so hard to step out of it…but someday it has to be done, leave the comfortable behind. Who knows….surprises could be waiting.


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