Cute or what!

I skipped work on Monday after a crazy Saturday night dancing session.
As I have mentioned earlier, my boss is a White guy in his mid 70s.
So on Tuesday, this is what happened.

Boss : Are you okay?? ARE YOU OKAY??

Me : Yessir, all fine now.

Boss : *Shaking head* You don’t listen to me. I am worried about your diet. When did you have your last annual checkup?

Me : Errrr…..

Boss : So, if something happens to you, then we look for one doctor, young lady?

Me : I will get one! TODAY! (Task still pending)

Boss : You are alone here, please do something about your diet. Please eat fish atleast. Have fish n chips, or chicken, something! *Proceeds to explain about different fishes in the market*

Me : *Grinning and shaking my head*

Boss : So, okay, what really happened?

Me : *Sheepish* My back and legs hurt……. Cuz of dancing for 3 hours at a friend’s Bollywood party.


Boss : Errrr, okay… You know, mom and dad aren’t here, we have to take care of you…….


18 thoughts on “Cute or what!

  1. You are a baby!
    And people should call you that, till you get a boyfriend. Because you know, its the prerogative of boyfriend to call girls baby :P- or so am told 😀


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