Simplicity of being a mommy

I sent ‘The Window Seat’ blog post to my mom for her to read. And she sent me this reply. It is very simple and beautiful for me and it shows that generations may change, but a mother remains a mother. Not a goddess, but just a mom.


“I read your blog. It is so emotional, I had tears. The answer of all this is in the word; “MOTHER”.

Motherhood changes a woman completely. You will understand the same when you will be at that stage.

You remember the sweets I bought from my office, though you know how much I like sweets and at that age I didn’t have any cholesterol problem , but at that time I only had one thought of bringing sweets home for you.

Now after reading your article I am thinking about my mother “Aai”. I never saw her eating afternoon snacks. I even ate her “methi ladoos”. She quite often made sweets and snacks for us but I never saw her eating those.

I miss you the most whenever I am in the market. I like to purchase dresses for you, shopping for You (though now our choice differs).

Hope we will be very soon shopping together.



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