How do you know…

…If the fuschia from the cotton top will not bleed while washing?

…If California wont shake n quake while I am in the bathroom?

…If the new face cream wont break me out like a 100 other promising ones?

…If the weather wont be windy when I wear my shorts?

…If everything will be okay with my heart?

…If the wellness lunch supplied won’t have that boring, bitter lettuce?

…If he thinks about me as much as I do about him?

…If the amount of sabudana soaked is enough for my dinner?

…If that cute dress will get marked down for sale?

…If my distance will still keep me alive in the hearts of my friends?


17 thoughts on “How do you know…

  1. Whats wrong with your heart? You are too young to have have heart disease. Did you eat too much of unsaturated fat to clog up your arteries?


      • I remember that song 😛
        Ok I get it which heart you are talking about. The bollywood heart! Pehle bataana tha. I thought you outdid me on the obesity front 😀


          • Lol! Read this article some time back. 13% of US population is obese. So, my advice- don’t let them get any closer 😛

            BTW, isn’t it fascinating how people do so much for small part of their body ( face ) and not so much for the rest. Like they have the whole makeup industry for this, and they spend generously. But not many around here strive for fitness :\ OF course, India is a developing country trying to secure bread first, but that apart- things should at least start being a little different right?


            • I agree 110% with you! Somehow pudgy people make me angry. I dont judge right away cuz you know, can be hormonal. But if they dont do anything, it annoys me. Body is a temple, must worship it. Fat is never ever good. Neither is skinny. Fitness is of prime importance. You dont have to be a marathon runner, but you should e ashamed if you have to take a lift for the first floor.


              • Haina? Somehow it was ok even when I clocked 100 Kgs a year and half back. I mean no one ever told me that I should cut down a bit- because I was good in studies and that is the ONLY thing that matters. Preposterous. I mean how can it be OK to be smart and a bag of disease at the same time!

                Glad you understand the point. Hadn’t hoped for the response you elicited. Commendable!


                • It is not okay… I have learnt that being healthy is the most important thing. I try and eat well and give myself a workout to compensate for sitting in a chair the entire day like a lump. Get out. Go to the gym. However suits you, but one must do something active.


  2. You don’t know..nobody does, but then that’s some of the fun and unpredictability in life. I love the mix of high priority items like dresses on sale mixed with the more important burning questions on the love life .


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