Umm, what?!?

I was getting inside an elevator in the parking lot to go and meet some friends for a mad ad rehearsal for some event and suddenly my phone rang.

‘xBF calling…..’

From India?? I picked up his call and the damn call cut off. I got out of the elevator staring at the beautiful building ahead with very Parisian style balconies full of lush summer flowers. The parking lot was water logged for some reason.

I called back and he picked it up.

‘Hi…’, ‘Hey there….’

‘I am coming for a training to Lake Forest through the company… I will be put up in that hotel 4-5 miles from your place….. Not sure for how long….’

At that heart stopping moment and when I was falling into a giant whirl of emotions, I woke up…..

Damn my dreams…

19 thoughts on “Umm, what?!?

  1. You know,I read somewhere that when you dream of someone,there is a posssibility that person was thinking of you before he/she slept. Or maybe it was the other way round! 😛


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