I <3 you, Mangalyaan

I am infinitely happy for ISRO and India. Those geniuses have created history! So efficiently and economically! Jugaad always works!
Congrats everyone!!

*In my head for the 528th time since yesterday, yeh jo des hai tera….*

9 thoughts on “I <3 you, Mangalyaan

  1. I ❤ you 2 3 4 mangaylaan! I suddenly feel very proud of myself for having lived 2 years of my baby life 2 kms from the ISRO lab in bangalore. Lol. Makes me feel like i had a part in the achievement.

    And that song makes me teary. So i avoid listening to it, or playing it in my head.


  2. I know!! I shed happy emotional tears rewatching the 2 minute vdo – the ISRO control room, all the scientists, engineers cheering, rejoicing!! It felt like a long cherished dream come true… What a proud moment, what an unforgettable accomplishment!
    I hope our scientists, engineers, teachers, doctors, farmers, soldiers, sportspeople, artists have resources to contribute to their best. May they not have to kill their hopes and settle for less just because we are a poor country.


    • I beg to disagree. Real heroes are in Delhi, Kanyakumari, Shillong and Jaipur and everywhere. Those are strong and smart women who I bet can stand up for themselves. Wearing jeans is not being a feminist and wearing saree is not being conservative.


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