A year it has been… 10/27/14

Sometimes feels like a decade, and sometimes like one day.


Happy Diwali y’all!

Wishing you all lots and lots of happiness and prosperity. May God bless you!

I finished doing a small Puja today since the muhurat is today for PST. Leaving you guys with some pictures of my feeble Diwali celebrations.
**I don’t wanna be sappy but this is a li’l way of celebrating with my online family… **

ETA: A good brunch was had at Amruta’s place and we got phuljhadis! Mom sent me this new Anarkali back in August. That is my cartoon rangoli. Ganpati must be sniggering at me.








Happy birthday, Scube….

Many many happy returns of the day….. I hope you have an awesome time… May God give you better than the best, and fill your life with all the happiness in the world….

Love always……

Leaving you with the song you used to ALWAYS listen to, at home, in car, everywhere, before we started dating, and continued after, to annoy me….. Even when there was no sadness anywhere at all! You, silly, you…..



I got a tattoo!
11th October 2014… 5.15 pm…
I did not cry, and it wasn’t too bad. It just hurt more when the needle was going over the bonier area. My friend Anh was holding my hand throughout and was talking to me all the time but helps if your mind is somewhere else.

Fyi, my dog’s name is Moony. This is an original PB artwork and took only 3 months to design and finalize.
The pervert inside me wants to show you all, the plasma-oozing-bandaged-tattoo picture, but I am going to refrain.


Ek baras…

Ek baras beetne aaya,
Jab tumhare saath khulke hasti thi,
Tumhari baatein sunkar,
Dil se muskurati thi.

Ek baras beetne aaya,
Gungune ehsaas ko mehsoos karti thi,
Jab tum mujhe pukarte the,
Bas tumhari awaaz main sunti thi.

Ek baras beetne aaya,
Tumhare haath se niwale leti thi,
Hamare liye laye gaye,
Har chocolate ke liye ladti thi.

Ek baras beetne aaya,
Tumhari yaad se jude har tukde ko,
Uss ‘box of memories’ mein ja chupe,
Tumhare har ansh ko.

Ek baras beetne aaya,
Aaram se jab jeeti thi,
Jab mere din chain se kat te the,
Tumhare aas paas hi main rehti thi.


Last few days of summer…

Last weekend I went to San Diego and had a fabulous time!

I joined a couple of friends to go for the La Jolla seven cave tour by kayaking. It was a very hot day and I have tanned almost 4 shades darker even with a gallon of sunscreen on me. But it was all worth it.

The tour guide took us into the sea where Amru and I were on a kayak and her husband and brother were on another. Our arms were absolutely in pain by the end of it. But you know what the cherry on top of the cake was? I along with Amru’s husband, jumped off the kayak into the sea!

After the tour was done, the guides took us to a nice spot faaaaaaaar from the beach. We could see leopard sharks and sea turtles swimming in the ocean and we could see some dolphins and sea lions a li’l further away. They told us that we could swim there if we wanted. Everyone was really hesitant. I could see Ninad wanted to do it, so I egged him on! 😀 I mean, we had our life jackets as well. And he jumped! I looked at him, and slipped off my kayak too, although carefully, because I did not want to get my contacts wet.

I have done snorkeling before, which was a mindblowing experience as well, but this time, I was much more further into the ocean. The hard part was getting back into the kayak. It took all my core strength and mad, furious kicking into the water to hoist myself up. I managed that and was sprawled b*tt up, in the kayak, while Amru balanced the boat, for a good 10 exhausted minutes. At some point, a great white shark did cross my mind. They often have a sighting of one and have to close the beach down. Anyhoo, thank God there were none while I was dangling from the kayak.

The water was just the right temperature. So amazing and a beautiful blue. Usually, the Pacific is very cold, saving for July to September.

Swimming in the deep blue sea is one point checked off from my bucket list.

After the kayaking session, I had plans of going for Dandiya with Abhi and Nisha and their few friends. But we ended up canning it in favor of going to watch Haider. The movie is like an onion. It has so many layers to it. A fabulous example of oedipal complex, the movie has quite a bit of shock factor. A lot of people are pissed off that the censor board released a movie showing the Army in a bad light. I don’t think it was necessarily trying to show the army in a bad light. Now, it is what it is. There have been many cases where AFSPA has been mis-used. We have heard of plenty of cases from Kashmir, North-East, and the tribal areas. Also, those ^#%$&@% terrorists and militants have brought out the animal in everyone. Anyways, in short, I saw a movie that had some substance.

Now I just need to watch Bang Bang in the coming week. 😛