I got a tattoo!
11th October 2014… 5.15 pm…
I did not cry, and it wasn’t too bad. It just hurt more when the needle was going over the bonier area. My friend Anh was holding my hand throughout and was talking to me all the time but helps if your mind is somewhere else.

Fyi, my dog’s name is Moony. This is an original PB artwork and took only 3 months to design and finalize.
The pervert inside me wants to show you all, the plasma-oozing-bandaged-tattoo picture, but I am going to refrain.

24 thoughts on “Inked!

  1. Been coming to ur blog but i think commenting here for the first time!

    The Tattoo looks Nice!cute n pretty! I never thought i would get tattoed..was defntly not my style at all..but few yrs back, i got 2 done..though not v big 🙂 n honestly it didnt pain a lot..apart from the bony area 🙂

    and i m planning to get one more done next yr sometime… 🙂

    be careful..its kinda addictive ..u got to control urself! lol


    • Welcome to the blog! I am glad you de-lurked. 🙂
      Wow. What did you get done and where? When I told the tattoo artist that I am being OCD’ish about placement since it will be only one, they all started laughing and said that that’s what they all say! And come back for more. Hahaha


      • i am from delhi and i got mine done from one of india’s oldest tatoo artist..Mike. He is in south delhi. and though i was very much sure that I wont go back for any 2nd one..but after a year i got one done on my leg too :)) ..after that, i have really controlled myself and itsbeen 5 yrs now..but now I am itching to get one done..though i m trying my best to keep the thought at the verrryyy back of my


  2. I want a tatoo on the same place, thinking from past 2 years… But i am a bit hopeful about joining Indian army; so somehow , I have conttained myself.. By d way, congrats


  3. That is so adorable!! 🙂 I loved that little paw..the tattoo design i have shortlisted also has an infinity symbol.. 🙂 just gathering courage to get one soon! 🙂 🙂


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