Happy birthday, Scube….

Many many happy returns of the day….. I hope you have an awesome time… May God give you better than the best, and fill your life with all the happiness in the world….

Love always……

Leaving you with the song you used to ALWAYS listen to, at home, in car, everywhere, before we started dating, and continued after, to annoy me….. Even when there was no sadness anywhere at all! You, silly, you…..

8 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Scube….

  1. What does scube mean? and how do i pronounce it? Is it like scooby in scooby doo? Or Scube as in scu (from scuba dive) and be from baby ka ‘ba’ ?

    Happy birthday to him! He reminds me of grapes. Purple grapes. Anytime i see grapes, i remember him.


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