Happy Diwali y’all!

Wishing you all lots and lots of happiness and prosperity. May God bless you!

I finished doing a small Puja today since the muhurat is today for PST. Leaving you guys with some pictures of my feeble Diwali celebrations.
**I don’t wanna be sappy but this is a li’l way of celebrating with my online family… **

ETA: A good brunch was had at Amruta’s place and we got phuljhadis! Mom sent me this new Anarkali back in August. That is my cartoon rangoli. Ganpati must be sniggering at me.







17 thoughts on “Happy Diwali y’all!

  1. Finally I am back to reading and commenting and you are one of my first stops!! Looved the pics…the anarkali is beautiful, the decor and the cute rangoli:) You did a whole lot more than I did. Inspired me to make more of an effort next time


    • Yayay! Thank you. I like doung some chotu things. I still get up n take snaan before sunrise on narak charurdashi. These small things maje me feel connected to rituals and traditions at home. You totally should next year! It will help Bandar understand. Plus she will be a lil more grown up next year.


  2. Why are Ram, Seeta and Co. sleeping horizontally in the picture? Or were they so tired after 14 years of bhatkofying in the forests that they asked you for a business class upgrade with a lie-flat bed?
    Just wondering…


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