Sum of Averages

I feel like I am a giant average. I am average in academics, average in intelligence. Heck, average in common sense.

I have average looks, average body and an average mind.

My skills are average. I paint just about okay, sing okay, dance also strictly okay. My writing is average.

My talks are averagely interesting. My social skills are meh.

My sense of humor is hit or miss. Average at best.

I am an average friend. I am averagely memorable.

My interest level in things is average.

My hard work level is just about average.

My outlook to life is almost boring.

This below sums up my life very correctly.


21 thoughts on “Sum of Averages

  1. People with your type of mindset go miles in life. They see themselves Averages, so there is a lot of scope for progress.
    People who believe tthemselves perfect are ruined first. And what a beautiful thing, you are average in almost everything.. You must be having a hobby of doing almost everything; No specific likes, no specific dislikes. Did I make any sense?

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  2. Ah! I know which blog prompted you to write this post PB!
    Don’t let stuff from the wrong blogs rub on you. šŸ˜¦

    From whatever I have learnt about you from this blog:
    You are a fantastic writer. Whatever gave you the impression that it is average? The way you express the most complicated emotions in a very fluid, and structured manner is wonderful. Makes reading your blog a pleasure…

    You are sensitive to people’s emotions, which again is a rare quality these days.

    You are a good employee. From what you write, you take your job very seriously, and it does reflect in your boss’s attitude towards you as an employee. Plus you are a ‘ninja master’ in CFD, something that I find extremely incomprehensible…

    If by reading just a blog, I can come up with so many good things about you, I am pretty sure that the people who know you better can come up with more. So keep your head high, and be proud of what you are!

    PS: And don’t let depressing blog-posts from a certain engineer affect you. šŸ˜›


    • Awww no! I did not write this as a result of the ‘other’ blog post I promise. I just wrote it on a whim.
      You are too sweet to say such things. And I feel thoda chane ke jhaad pe chadhoed after your comment.
      But like I say, I am strictly okay in everything. Which itself is an art. Being consistent. Haha


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