11 kind of people on my FB feed

I am a Facebook addict. I must check my account every hour or so to see what is happening in people’s lives that I would give two hoots for. During one such FB staring session last night, I mentally divided my FB list into these types. 

Mind you, this can be universal and has been joked about before. I am not claiming this to be totally original because I am pretty sure I have read something similar, but it’s not copied either. Please get my point, okay?

1.       The ones who like every dog, cat, random animal picture and shares like a 100 of those. That’s my army y’all.

2.       The ones who only like pictures or comments. Silent stalkers. Silent farters. Lol. Real mature, PB.

3.       The ones who don’t say anything for months, and suddenly FB message you a ‘Hie’. Creep alert.

4.       The ones who treat FB like it is a private diary. Their love life is totally open for everyone to peek, glare, stare into.

True story…

5.       The ones who need English lessons really badly. ‘Ma’ for ‘my’ is my pet peeve. ‘Hu’, ‘Lyf’, etc. Uggghhhh.

6.       The ones who post selfies or general taken-in-a-mall picture with a totally deep quote/message. If it’s a quote, its usually by a really obscure author.

7.       The ones who treat FB like a sarcastic message sender. If you try asking them what the status means or for who, they will go ‘Ha ha, just for fun.”

8.       The ones who you can trust for live sport updates if you are not in front of the TV. I wonder how much game do they actually see? Or have they developed their blind typing instinct like Ani?

9.       The ones who are fanatics for a political party/religious outfit. It’s madness! I hate them pretty much and I would remove them, only if they weren’t family or close to me.

10.   The ones who are  incessant viral video posters. Thanks a bunch for eating up my data.

11.   The last and the best. The normal ones. Like me. YES, ITS TRUE. DON’T LAUGH!

19 thoughts on “11 kind of people on my FB feed

  1. Hehe..now I am on so many random fb groups – for moms, food and such like and there is so much general drama and tp on my feed. I lose out on reading about the people on my network, but despite that I could identify a few of these that you mention


  2. FB grrr. The damned thing drove me into so much depression after I was diagnosed, when I saw everyone having the time of their lives and progressing forward. If not for the messenger and my interest to peek into the life of the girl who inspires me and was/is there to clear all my doubts, I think I would have gotten rid of it.


  3. hahahaa! i want to slap the ‘haha! just for fun’ 😀 and lol at 6!! 😀 I am the one who keeps posting jokes and funny posters they come across 😛


  4. Spot on! Words like ma, lyf, wyf, etc. are my pet peeves too. Why oh why would people deliberately misspell. I’m sure they think it makes them look cool, I just find it so wannabe. Especially “ma”…it’s not even shortening. My also has 2 letters. duh! (sarcastic eye roll). 😀


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