The Ban Brigade

WARNING : I am extremely angry and need a vent right now. I am not proof-reading this and I admit there is a lot of cussing and anger and negativity in this post.





 I am sick and tired of the Govt’s attitude of banning this and banning that, left right and f-ing center. I am sick of the shortsightedness shown by these fools when it comes to justice and equality. I am do disgusted that I want to scream and slap the f-ing shit out of everyone. Arrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhh

I read about the horrendous mindset of the Delhi rapist. So nonchalantly he said that if the girl wouldn’t have struggled, she wouldn’t have been that injured. You f-ing bastard. You inflicted that pain of inserting the iron rod through her for teaching her a lesson? I should scratch your eye balls out with my bare hands for  just so much as glancing at a woman. He proclaims that raping a woman is a way of teaching her a lesson for roaming outside late at night, for wearing short skirts. The way things are right now, he may as well say that women need to be punished for wearing skirts, sarees, ghagras or even a burkha, for going out and filling water from wells, for going to work to earn a square meal, for going to school, for taking birth. YES. For taking birth. We have reached that stage where there are hyenas on streets luring little girls and raping them. What crime would they be committing that they must be raped as punishment?

The lawyer is even better of a specimen. HE proudly says that India has the best culture. I f-ing spit on your culture you useless piece of wasted sperm. You want to burn your daughter because she dared to stepped out of the house? I want to burn your one arm off, the one that pledged to stand up for truth and justice. Why don’t you get banned?

Rajnath Singh, HONORABLE home minister of India wants to ban the documentary. They are worried tourism will get affected. He says he was hurt when he heard about it. Meenakshi Lekhi wants the documentary filmmaker to be charged by cops. You f-ing morons, you are charging the wrong people! One of the most barbaric rapists is going to walk out in 3 years to hound more girls. That is not worrisome to you? Jaya Bachchan squeezed out a couple of fat droplets from her eyes claiming it is an insult to Nirbhaya is this documentary is aired. You stun me, woman. You have forgotten that you belong to a party which has men claiming boys will be boys and they make mistakes sometimes. I want to bang my head on the wall at the situation.

The one voice of reason was Anu Aga, who said that banning is not the answer. The main issue is the mindset and we need to confront the situation where men do not respect women and the blame is squarely on a woman after any rape.

Meanwhile, our awesomesauce censor board have directed the makers of the movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha to bleep out the word ‘Lesbian’. Yup. We are that country where we think marital rape is alright but words like Lesbian pose harm to society. Ashoke Pandit claims he was not a part of that decision to ban the word and has used the hashtag #freedomof speech. Freedom of speech gaya tel lene when he claimed K Jo has s*x with his mother after the roast. Which again, was simply, banned. Their p*nties are bunched up when they hear the word Bombay instead of Mumbai. A Manoj Bajpai movie is in trouble. Why? Because he will be playing a professor who was suspended because of being gay. The injustice meted out is chalta hai but showing it is not fine. Waah re waah.

Ban your idiotic minds you pieces of assholic junk sitting in the high chairs of the country’s top office. Open your eyes and face the real f-ing problem!!!!! You make me want to throw up.

33 thoughts on “The Ban Brigade

  1. Well said. There is no need to write do not read as everyone should read it. Be it Delhi nirbhaya rape or the recent Rohtak gangrape, it all shows the bestial nature of people. Lack of fear of punishment makes them such animals.


  2. The interview made my blood boil too. For me , it was the school girl..6 year oldrape a few months ago that made me cry. Like you I din’t know how to fix things and sadly didn’t think beyond that. Just anger and helplessness.


  3. Oh!! You echo my feelings! I am disgusted too! I don’t know if I want to watch the documentary yet.. but there is sure no sense in banning it..

    And that man.. why isn’t he hanged yet?


  4. I saw the documentary and all I wanted to do was chop the convicts ( and the lawyers) into a million pieces and let them rot in open.
    He says so non-nonchalantly that they just wanted to teach her a lesson.Ha!! Give me a break.


  5. PB. i just saw the video. Never been this disturbed. I feel for the parents. As for the lawyer, im just stumped. I mean, was that a spoof or did he just say those things aloud? Like, was this his resume to get into a mental asylum??

    And that Mukesh, they way he describes things, has the same tone i use when i describe my daily lunch menu to mom. He says, “unhone haath daala andar aur kuch aisi lambi lambi si nikli, atadiya hi thi kuch”, and i almost threw up. Ekdum matter of fact. No trace of guilt, no sign of fear. Wish he would die a very very slow and painful death.

    Then there is his gem of a wife, Puneeta Devi, “kya iske baad delhi mein rape nahi honge? denge sabko phansi? (the bitch has the nerve to ask this rhetoric question).

    Wish i could take an axe and smash his head in. And hers. And their lawyers’.


    • I really really want to hug her mother.
      That lawyer. Woman is a flower. You f-er. I will put that flower and thorn right up your f-ing ass. Yaar, if that is Indian culture, We are better off not following it. 😦
      When Mukesh was read out the list of injuries there was just a tiny twitch. That b*stard might just be getting turned on. Pervert. The wives. Ugggghhhhhh. Hamare pati aise nahi kar sakte.


  6. I have not seen the documentary yet but totally agree with you… those pieces of scum are alive, unrepentant and thriving in jail while the poor girl does not even get a voice. What kind of democracy do we have?
    I wonder if it is because his statements are so unapologetic and brazen, the govt does not want it aired – will make people question why the death sentence has not been carried out. Clearly there is no hope of rehabilitating them by keeping them alive – the supreme court has been sitting on the appeals for months now – high time they made a decision.


    • We have such a skewed system of justice that I feel we earn and make money only so that we can pay taxes to fill the mouths of the politicians and criminals. In the documentary there is a sentence about how many parliament members have rape cases against them. I think that’s a part reason they are banning it. It is making me unbelievably angry the way we deal with things. Shut the victim up/pay her 20,000 Rs/ beat her up. But put garland in the necks of men.


  7. I think I’ve mentioned in one of my comments earlier, but I’ll say it again. The root of all evil in our country is the education system. Nothing is taught the way it should be and many important things like gender equality are just ignored. Moral education is just mugging up and vomiting in the exams like any other subject. Accessibility to good education is also not there for many. Nothing in our country will improve unless the people change (politicians are none but the people themselves), and people won’t change unless the education system is revamped.


    • I agree. We start learning about divisive behavior right in school. We mug up science, history, civics. Teachers skip over biology chapters because they don’t want to talk about it. Moral education is culture culture Ka gun gaan. Things need to change at grass root level to change any mentality.


  8. I want to just kill that rapist. And then go on killing every rapist, molester I can. I am angry myself at how we ended up being who we are – little children, women nobody is safe in India. 😦 I couldn’t sleep thinking of the abuse going on in orphanages, remand homes…what about street children re? Who is there to protect those little ones? Or those homeless women? I see no hope really…


    • I remember this horrible episode on Bhanwar or something. This 75 yr old poor woman was lost from her home. They found her near a train station after a few months. There was medical evidence of her being raped atleast 7 times in those months. Worse than animals. Now I see poor kids or teenage girls on streets and I can’t help getting this sinking feeling. I feel it’s a given thing that they are not okay.


  9. Dr Satya takes on negativity spewing Indian liberal:

    Nothing could be more demeaning to “India’s daughters”, of whom I am one, than to suggest that we should understand our grandfathers, fathers, husbands, brothers and sons through the views of a convicted rapist, or his ilk.
    And more women are endorsing her:

    In fact the Western idea of beauty is so feudal where there is huge pressure on the woman to look young forever…just as you said. Ironically, rather predictably, our libs here have no problems with that mindset.


  10. Well said. What really irritates me is the word “India’s Daughter” .. A woman is not supposed to have her identity and is only seen as someone’s daughter, wife or mother..


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