Humans or parasites?

All the views expressed on this blog are mine. And I am allowed to express/rant. Like all Princesses are.

I am extremely upset. With one thing and another.

FYI, I am absolutely against fur and leather. And I firmly believe animals have the right to their own skin and no one else.

It is an animal for Godโ€™s sake and not an Outfit of the Day.

I am not telling anyone to change their lifestyle or food habits. Although I may not agree to it, but it is food after all. I ate meat till my 9th grade and then I gave it up sometime in 2002. It was because I really, really love animals and work for them and couldn’t handle the thought of something dying to be on my plate. But then, it is food and livelihood for plenty of people. I may feel really bad for the deer but I know the lion will not be able to digest grass.

But do take a moment to think about drawing a line between need and luxuries and at what cost you are getting it. Are you really carrying a nice $850 Coach handbag or an animal that was lying on the table blinking and gasping after it was skinned alive? It sounds really harsh, but it true.

Versace may do gorgeous fur trims, but it came off something that did not even have the voice to cry after being bludgeoned.

I found out recently how 75% leather is actually dog or cat skin made in China (the letter said or India, where animal cruelty laws are very weak) and sold to manufacturing units. Many of these dogs are stolen from their humans. They are taken away from their loved ones. We feel very sad about human trafficking, and I might be the only one who feels equally sad about these voiceless creatures. I couldn’t stand the picture where they were bludgeoned to death in front of cages filled with alive dogs who were climbing on top of each other to escape. Watching the video footage was out of question, because I had seen the one about fur 5 years ago, and it killed my 4 nights of sleep.

This is a passionate issue for me and very close to my heart. I have blogged about something similar before here.

Letโ€™s prove that we are at the top of evolution chain for a reason and not for mindless murder of humans through wars, or animals for money or of forests for our own profit.


27 thoughts on “Humans or parasites?

  1. You are right, we should spare the animals. but it all depends on how we see the issue.

    Most of people dont have much regrets about this. They know the earth wont stop spinning by this. you r really a sensitive girl, for sure.


    • It is insane how people don’t think about blowing up big bucks on alligator leather shoes but cannot blink an eyelid when they know that the animal was skinned alive for that precious shoe.


  2. “I may feel really bad for the deer but I know the lion will not be able to digest grass.”

    Even regarding this, PB, the lion hunting the deer is a natural process while the beef/chicken produced in our countries for human consumption or leather is beyond inhuman (the best way it can be put that is). This is when I can’t believe when people give me that look – you are a Punjabi and a vegetarian by choice, sorry I don’t buy that – I wanted to blog about why I am a vegetarian since sometime, will see to it. I may or may not become a non-vegetarian again depending on my craving and I don’t want to act all saintly when I am not, but I definitely have a reason to not be non vegetarian and it is completely by choice, and I hope more people understood why that choice was made.

    PS: I am not particularly into pets and actually find it difficult/scary to touch animals, but I can’t stand the suffering that they have to go through for our luxuries. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


    • I agree with you. That is the whole reason why I became a vegetarian. But there are people who say man is actually carnivorous or omnivorous and I respect that. But somewhere, someone should think about how we are literally doing ‘kheti’ of animals. Live, breathing animals stacked on top of each other like stones. I see Asian stores here that sell seafood and I never want to step there because there are 100s of fishes and crabs stuffed in a normal sized water tank. You pick something and they will take out and kill it live. Yaar, some quality of life please? We have thankfully gone down the path of cruelty free, but I also understand the importance of animal research for medicines. But that is not a reason to make them live their lives in cages and in horrifying conditions. They do horrible testing for smoking on monkeys. Smoking! Like it is THAT important to life that we can be that cruel to the monkeys?
      We do gungaan of Indian culture and Hinduism and gow-mata and we treat animals lawlessly. Jaan ki keemat nahi, janwar ki kya khaak hogi?
      It is hard to be a vegetarian in Usa. I have to constantly explain why, how and all that and some jibes. But everyone should have some principle in life to be passionate about. And this is mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I was always a vegetarian and know that it is indeed healthier and environmentally better option. I can’t bear the thought of killing another animal, be it for food or leather. I don’t try to impose my views on others. But people who are supposedly my friends or relatives hear that I don’t wear/use leather, they actually try to turn it against me by asking so you are okay to take medicines which are tested on animals? And if we all went vegetarian will you even have any food to eat? I have every intention of giving them a smart retort and show them their flawed thinking but I stop. I hope it comes from within, may they know that one step in the right direction is better than nothing, right?


    • Gosh! I go through the same thing! It gets very frustrating listening to the same thing again and again. Yaar, I am not commenting on their food, why can’t they leave me alone. Non Indians see my food and say no meat? Every time! Or have some smart Alec thing to say. I want to say ‘oh, meat’ to them every time. Grrrr. To be honest, it’s not non desis, but desis who are the worst offenders to me. I feel these days eating meat(specially if you are from a caste that promotes vegetarianism) is considered to be cool and to be bold and anti-system.
      The cruelty-free thing gets me laughed at all the time. People post messages for me like, I love animals so much I keep them close to heart, in stomach. Or like, you are also murdering plants.
      I just want to be left alone with my ghaas-phoos, fake leather bags and shoes. Is it so hard? Is there no difference between scientific research and an animal dying for ‘oh pretty shoes’?

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  4. I agree with you so much. I’m worried if I start ranting on this, I will never stop. So maybe I should just shut up and nod along vigorously to all that you say.


  5. I am a non-vegetarian and when some of my vegetarian friends argue with me about being vegetarian, then sometimes I quote the same line: “I may feel really bad for the deer but I know the lion will not be able to digest grass”. I often think of the idea of being vegetarian and to stop eating any meat product, but knowing the fact that grains and vegetables are not enough to feed 7 billion I often dump this idea. Cows are herbi, lions are carni, and humans are omni. A herbi cannot digest flesh, a carni cannot digest plants, but an omni can digest both. This is nature. It’s not that only humans have got such a gift of choice, even dogs have such an amazing capability. It’s a natural process. But killing animals for human luxuries is beyond cruelty. Hats off for your effort to come forward and raising your voice against it.


  6. Being vegetarian has its own benefits, healthier living. Don’t wanna say any thing about the Non-Veg eaters… I, myself was one minus d beef chicken pork bit…for d simple reason of Health.
    Like all of you, I too an against killing of animals not just for the food but for luxury items too. Sad….that people actually crave for these things.


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