Dating tales : Boy 1

As promised earlier, I am going to blog about the guys I meet for dates. Let’s see if this is a lone star or turns into a series. 

I met a guy from Tinder last Saturday. The way we met, I am not even sure if I can call it a date.

I had to ask his number for whatsapp, after two weeks of tinder chatting. I firmly believe he should have done it, feminism-sheminism. But he made me do it and I am not too happy about it. We spoke on whatsapp on the day of the meeting and decided to meet at Corner Bakery for lunch, in a mall that is pretty much my watering hole. There is something about malls that makes everything so convenient. If you don’t know what to do, just head to the mall. Something WILL come up. It is fascinating to see the different levels of shopping people show. I find it equally amusing that the Rolex store is perpetually empty. Only 4-5 very well suited guys waiting around for invisible customers. In fact, that entire wing housing Rolex, Dior, Tiffany, Roberto Cavalli is usually not very busy. Anyways, I digress.

When Saturday arrived, I started to get extremely lazy. I thought to myself if I really have to go and meet someone, can’t I just keep chatting with people? When I was seeing the xBF, we were living together with roommates and we would spend most of our time at home, sprawled on bed, watching something together, just both of us or with Abhi, or talking to Abhi, or cooking together. We would head out a li’l bit on weekends. But that was it. There was eating out involved and date nights, but that was not too much work somehow. Now that I have been single for so long, the thought of dating feels exhausting. If I meet people on weekdays, when do I work out? And I can’t meet people after working out. My face is a mess then. I don’t want to wash my face, re-do makeup and put contacts on. Gosh. Too much. But weekends are meant to relax. Sheesh. Also, there is a weird guilt factor about even thinking about moving on. I am missing the xBF like crazy.

So, I reached the café and I saw him standing in the line. To be honest, I had reached 10 minutes early, as usual, had peeped inside and walked into H&M to kill time. I even picked out a top mentally that I bought later after saying bye to him. I went and said hi to him. A li’l dark, glasses, not too tall, loose black shirt, grey/brown pants and brown suede shoes. He had a very grey aura to him, maybe because of his clothes. Nothing too special.

I ordered a pretty meh sandwich that I later wished I hadn’t, and he had pancakes and scrambled eggs, that I wish I had. Point to be noted, we paid for own food, like I prefer. It is a self service sort of place where you order and they get you food. He had asked for his food without bacon and yet they seved him that. He, without a fuss, asked for an extra plate, removed the bacon and ate rest of his food. That was nice. I, err, would have created a small amount of fuss.

Now what did we talk about? We spoke about cricket, food, living situations, Pune and Bangalore. He has never seen anything except South of India, but says his family and friends have. But he has covered 26 states in USA and wants to cover all 50. That was not too bad. He mentioned how he likes to cook but doesn’t do it everyday. He is an early riser. He plays cricket every weekend at 7 am. I wake up at 10.30 am every weekend, unless I have to be somewhere. I was making jokes, and telling him how goofy I am. He seemed to be a simple, serious Bangalore boy. I was atleast 6 times more animated than he was.

That is all I remember from our conversation. It was quite vanilla. Normally I like vanilla, but I was disappointed that I did not hear any bells or guitars in my head. 

We walked over to the parking lot together and he said it was nice meeting me and we will hang out again soon. I said sure and did a little wave and went away to my car. I did not give him a bye-bye hug that I give all and sundry. My buddy Shawn asked if anyone leaned in for a kiss and I chastised him by saying we are Indians, we don’t do that. We both chuckled at my statement and then cried at the possibility of me being #foreveralone.

PS : My friend Anh says I should have gone to a better sit down place, and should have let the guy pay on the first date. 


31 thoughts on “Dating tales : Boy 1

  1. This was a nice read 🙂 And then there is also that thing when we sometimes find something we really want when we are not even looking for it. Until then, enjoy the quest.


    • Thanks GM. I managed to not turn this into a depressing rant so that’s success! Hehe
      I agree. That’s why I am finding this so unnatural, but I have no other start otherwise. I wish o was in India surrounded by eligible boys. Sigh.


      • It’s not unnatural, PB. It is just another way to meet people. When you finally meet someone and it all works out, how you met him is not going to matter, no? It could be through your parents, tinder, blogs, friends, or anyone. Just cos it is virtual does not make it any less real. For instance, you and I are real people typing this out, no? Hugs and don’t worry. Wish you all the love in the world ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        • I felt this warmth in me when I read your comment.
          I hope to find something one day or the another, and all this will be okay then. I love you for sending such sweet wishes to me. Hugs right back at Ya!


  2. He did say – we will hang out soon .That’s something. Dunno ya..guess all vanilla doesn’t bode too well na. Don’t feel guilty about moving on, PB. So glad you are doing this.
    Oh cricket at 7 isn’t too bad. The husband does that often and it let me have a lazy Saturday, before Bandar, of course. I would do the rising at 11, gym , lunch together when he’s back etc etc.


  3. 1. this was interesting, i want to say fun too but I am not sure if that sounds wrong.
    2. if it is okay to answer PB, why are you trying to up your dating game, anyway? Like, if it happens naturally, that’s cool but you are trying like it’s a necessity. Is it?


    • Well I am trying because I am bored and I miss cuddles. Then I need to do this because I have want to find my own person before I let parents suggest guys to me. This seems easier and better than arranged marriage. Also the region lacks Indian guys all around me so it’s very hard to organically meet and fall for someone like how I did in college in India and in San Diego. So I am trying to meet people. Not necessarily for relationships, but atleast to see how Indian male species is around me.


  4. Hi.. that wasn’t so bad, was it? Hugs to you for getting out there.. I know it is hard to move on. And don’t write off the Bangalore boys so soon.. they are a whole lotta fun when you get to know them..I know, am married to one!


  5. Hugs! It’s hard to move on.. But you should! For your own good.
    This sounded like a simple and sweet date. Don’t be in hurry to be with someone. Take time in finding the right one. 🙂


  6. Well it’s a start and hopefully things will pick momentum. You gotta do what you gotta do till then .. All the best..

    Btw, did I tell you that I like the way you are blogging about it ?
    I am here rooting for you and wish that you turn it into a series.. *Fingers crossed*


  7. Hi PB, I am sorry but I loved reading it. First of all you will not be #forever alone. Secondthe guy seemed nice but not exactly your type that’s all. And also don’t feel guilty people move on. I’m sure you will find someone who is custom made for you soon. Until then keeo entertaining us! Tc


  8. Whether you go forward or not with this guy or any guy through tinder, they sure account for good learning experiences and have great tales to share in the future. Some of my friends, have great stories to speak about “Dating Period”. I personally thought, the whole idea of finding the right guy through arranged marriage route was very exhausting and it gets harder when once crosses that marriageable age. Your path seems courageous for me at the least.
    Chillax and enjoy the journey. It’s fun!


  9. Talk about feeling lazy to move on? Trust me, it happens with everyone. I liked the idea of stepping out to meet new people. Keep your mind open, it isn’t necessary for things to be dramatic or ‘filmy’ right from the start or for this guy to be ‘the one’.
    The good news is you moved out of your comfort zone. You took the first step and now have an open road ahead. Make the most of the journey and I am sure you’ll soon begin to enjoy the ride 😀
    Good luck with everything girl. Remember, everything is possible 😉


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