Dating tales : Boy 2

This guy got back to me on Tinder with an excited(I think) ‘Finally a mechanical engineer on tinder!’ So that was nice, because it is so rare to run into a mechanical engineer in real life, except at work of course, that when you see another person from opposite sex, it is another level of hormone driven crazies. After chatting a bit on Tinder, he sent me his phone number to talk on whatsapp with the cutest message. ‘Here’s my number, in case there is an internet outage tomorrow :)’ That was just too cute! He had asked me about meeting twice on two different weekends. But once I had a wedding reception, and the next weekend, I had a severe bout of the lazies and I fibbed that I was out on a work trip for that Saturday. Yes. I am THAT lazy.

So finally, I asked him on Thursday if he wanted to meet on Friday. He said he would love to, but if we could make it on Saturday it would be better. He had told me that he was working till late and was swamped at work. I said that was fine. This time, I let him pick the place. We had decided on meeting for brunch on Saturday. He texted me back on Friday noon with a nice place for Brunch. The only thing I had told him was that I am a vegetarian, and he sort of surprised me by saying that he was one too. A couple of brownie points to him for that. 🙂

Now we had decided on meeting at 11 am. I am the quintessential good girl who is crazy punctual with time, and so I was there at 10.45 am. I just sat in my car in the parking lot listening to the radio. Then I got a text from him that he will reach by 11.10 am. I said sure, but inwards I groaned about my habit of reaching early and then having to wait extra for people. 

So he reached and we finally met. He was quite well dressed in a black polo T-shirt and dark blue jeans. I gave him a mental tick mark. Just like Boy #1, I felt he was only a couple of inches taller to me! Strangely, at my 5’3.75” I was starting to feel, errr, quite tall. That 0.75th of an inch is very important. Now, the xBF was an inch shorter than me. He came from a genetically tiny family where most of them average around 5’2”. But since I knew him for a year and then fell for each other, it did not matter. But with online dating apps, I think physical appearance becomes more important for that first impression. Sounds shallow, but it is true. This boy also fulfilled a very important criteria. He had good lips. *hides face and blushes deep red*

We went inside the Café and ordered our food. Again, I ordered waffles that I absolutely love, but wanted his order of spinach omelet, hash browns and toast. God should somehow automatically send me a boy who will offer to share food right away. That will be my perfect someone. So, we were talking and eating. I could tell that he was really nervous! His hands had the slight nervous tremble going on, and I could just see how he was struggling to make his words sound not quivering. That was strange. We spoke about shows and movies. I made a stupid mistake of saying how I had to watch two of the Fast and Furious movies because of then ex-boyfriends, and he sort of did a ‘Who? Ohh’. I am not entirely sure what the double take was for. We spoke about work, cursed our thesises(thesisii? Theses??), spoke about how awesome California is and our times in India. He has lived only in Vizag all his life before moving to Texas for his Masters and then to Cali for work. He is sort of a low talker. I had to go ‘Whaaat?’ or ‘Pardon’ a couple of times. He is not into dogs(boo hoo!). When I said how I love dogs, he said that he, err, is not too much into them, but like, cares for their wellbeing(?!?), and finds them all right. Haha, I found that too funny!

Now comes the crazy part. After we were done eating, he said that somehow we had finished our food too fast. He asked if I was interested in going to the beach. Although, both of us were in jeans, I said yes nevertheless. We walked to our cars and I told him I will be back after dropping something in my car. When I got back, he told me his car wasn’t starting! He tried a couple of times, and the car just wouldn’t budge. Very awkward. I offered to help him jumpstart using my battery but there was no open parking spot around him. Sheesh. He very sheepishly said that we could go in my car. I said alright and off we went to the beach, on a wild goose chase to find parking on that lovely, spring, beach-kind-of-day. We drove 15 minutes to get to beach number 1, Laguna beach, and spent 115 min weaving in and out of parking lots. We got out a couple of times because the rate was too high. Next we went to Crystal cove, and again, we entered a lot, saw that we would have to pay pretty much $15 for a few minutes and he asked me to take a U turn. After getting out on the road, when I asked him what to do now, he mumbled that we should maybe try to start his car. Hehehe. So off we went back to the Café. This time we found a spot open next to his car and I took out my jumper cables. We connected our engines(our hearts? Rofl!) and his car finally started. I was pretty much the man on the date according to my buddy Shawn. The battery had a disgusting deposit around the positive terminal that he had to wipe out first before I let him connect it to my car terminals. I was really worried about making a mistake and blowing up my sweet Elantra in the process! Anyways, after that we said bye, and oh, we had a bye-bye hug, unlike the stupid wave I gave boy #1 last weekend. So, that was it. 

He texted me on Sunday that it was nice seeing me. His car stalled a couple of times going home as well, and he spent 3 hours with the battery, alternator, bleach and YouTube videos making it work. While, I spent my Sunday, celebrating Easter, drinking two wines at a time and stuffing my face with Tiramisu cupcakes.



43 thoughts on “Dating tales : Boy 2

  1. I saw the pic first and as I read on thought maybe it all went so well that you spent the whole day together and were so relaxed on the couch with wine. Sigh! This is fun to read though. The tremble and quiver are weird though…ughhh. But some brownie points on the beach suggestion , no.Brave suggestion given the trembling.


  2. LOL ! I’d say that the wine & cupcakes were totally deserved after that date on Sunday !! Your rock PB ! But here’s hoping you get to meet the right guy sometime soon ! But ‘Conflict of Interest Disclaimer’ :- If you meet the right guy soon, we will miss out reading all these interesting experiences !


    • Wine and cupcakes were super welcome, considering that I am starting a very green and healthy low carb diet from today.
      Hehe. I am laughing at your conflict of interest disclaimer. 🙂


  3. Looks like you had fun this time. And yes, nervousness is usually common among few who are afraid of speaking to strangers, especially if they think there will be lot of judgement. You guys knew how to jump start the car, aah such engineersss!! I would have used my insurance to get the car going.
    Overall.. seems like you had good time.


    • This time was better. Last time was a big first for me too. So it was awkward.
      I do get the nervousness. Hopefully I made him comfy enough by the end of it. 🙂
      Car bit was funny. All my friends were laughing at his bad luck to have a car breakdown on date 1.


  4. Nice experience overall?? I think you were a stud.. You got his car up and running (SCored 500 points right away in his head,,, I am pretty sure about that)

    Hope you enjoyed your wine 🙂 .. Low carb diet can wait another day!


  5. You look lovely! ❤ ❤
    Now coming to the post! This was super interesting.. and I am kinda interested in knowing more about Shawn 😉

    So what next?


  6. You look great, and totally well deserved wine and cup cakes. Poor guy.. as it is he was so nervous and then his car breaks down!! LOL!


  7. Car stalling on a first date, what is the big deal about that? Poor guy was already nervous. And the fact that he still wanted to go to the beach, leaving his car in the Cafe lot shows that he genuinely wanted to spend more time with you. Being a mechie and a car guy myself, I would have been too agitated at the thought of leaving my stalled car in some unknown, unsecured parking lot and going to some other place. He did not do that…

    On the brighter side, I dunno about you two, but your cars did indeed share a “heart-to-heart” conversation. 😉

    PS: Next time you want a taste of what the other person is having, politely ask if the other person wants a taste of what you are having. Saamnewala bhi automatically puchega. Works every time. 😛

    PPS: Offering to go to the beach on a first date! Not a movie, not a mall, but the beach. Sounds like a keeper eh? Good luck for future dates.


    • Let me tell you something about where I live and the locality we met it. We met in a cafe at Newport Beach. Even if I leave my car on with key dangling in it overnight, no one will touch it. Hehe. The average population is kind of rich and almost nil crime rate. That’s why I am living in Irvine even though housing here is soooo costly.
      I dunno if I should ask! Like, it’s so confusing.
      We did go to the beach but did not end up going to the beach yaa. He kept making me take u turns wherever there was paid parking.


  8. Ah! I did not imply the crime angle when I talked about leaving the car in the parking lot.
    It is like, the car is not well. You can’t just leave someone close to your heart, who is not well to fend for themselves and go somewhere else to have fun. I love my car and scooter too much to leave them alone till they aren’t fixed. I talk to machines, remember? 😛


  9. This was an interesting contrast to your meeting with boy #1.
    A guy getting shaky in a casual meeting with a girl is quite unheard of. I can understand the paid parking to be very expensive, but since he had proposed the idea of spending time on the beach, I think he should have put in a bit of extra effort to make it happen, albeit a short visit if he was so conscious.
    So glad you had lots of fun over Easter.
    I am loving this series of yours 🙂
    P.S. – L♥ve that gorgeous cushion and our dining table chairs are 95% similar to the chair on the right.


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