Dating Tales : Boy 2 : Date 2

I had a first second date. If that makes sense at all.

So, I met the guy from last Saturday’s brunch. We shall call him BS from now on, because those are his initials. Now peeps, don’t get over-excited because we don’t know if he is going to be a regular fixture on this blog or not. So calm down. *takes a deep breath*

We met on Friday for dinner at Veggie Grill, which is a vegetarian/vegan place very well known for its almost meaty burgers and salads. He asked me to meet him at 8 pm. But that was so late! Heavens forbid if my watching-YouTube-crap-while-lying-down time gets disturbed. So, I asked him to meet at 7-ish. I told him I may be working late and I will come directly after work. I was just making up stories. I did not want him to pick me up from home. And I thought if I say I am coming directly from work, I can avoid that. While texting on Saturday night, he asked me if I wanted to hike on Sunday morning. But I had to tell him I have plans with friends already. I fibbed. Again, Sunday morning lazy time is very precious.

I thought if I am going to that particular mall, I may as well go to the stores, and do, you know, some shopping type of thing. At this point I have to tell you guys something about me. If I have to get somewhere at say 7, I start getting antsy at 5. I will start planning and timing all my moves, and I will get very impatient.  I have this crazy thing to reach anywhere on time and I end up reaching way before time. So I thought I will reach by 6, which will give me enough time to park, and check the stores out before meeting him at 7. I left at 5.30(thanks to the anxiety of reaching on time!) and I reached at 5.45. Meh. I got so bored so quickly. And it was 6.56 and I though okk, he will be here soon, thank God. But, he texted just then that he is leaving, and will be there in 10 minutes. Meh again.

So we met in front of a carousal where I was sitting and he came over. He gave me a one arm hug and we sat there for 5 minutes talking, and then proceeded for dinner. He ordered at the counter for both of us, and this time I shamelessly let him pay. And this time, I did pick the right thing that I wanted, and I did not have to stare at his food with greed. *Mr. Un-Engineer, I did offer him my food to taste, and he politely declined, but did not offer me his. So your advice failed.* We spoke a lot about work and general. I learnt that he mostly eats take outs for dinner, he was brought up as a vegetarian but had to eat mystery meats in Japan during a work trip, and that he has been to Universal Studios 5 times in 4 years with different family members each time and friends.

The grossly sloppy person that I am, I dropped a noodle from my soup on my jeans, I suspect right on my cr#tch. I am hoping he wasn’t looking. And since I am on a minimum carb diet right now(beach season is coming!), I ordered my food on a bed of kale instead of a bun. The whole time I was insanely worried that I have green pieces stuck on my teeth. Sheesh. That’s why I can’t order burgers, noodles and salads during meetings. My dad and my friends say I need to learn to eat. I had a chance to go to the NDA Ball when I was in Bachelor’s, and Ani and Ne were refusing to let me go unless I learnt to eat properly.

Anyways, I thought we had been eating for a long time, but it was just 35 minutes or so. We started walking around the mall when he asked if I wanted to see Byomkesh Bakshi, the movie. I did want to, but the show was so late at 9.40 pm and I was so sure I would doze off. Also, dark movie theaters with a relatively new person, is something I want to avoid. I don’t have a clean history with movie times in Pune , back in the days. 😉 So much so, when I was in India in January and I told Ani that I may watch a movie with a college ex, she screamed at me and said no. She is such a mom. I will try to hang out a bit longer the next time we meet, if we do meet.

So that was it. When we parted, he gave me what I described to Moo as a hug that lasted 2 seconds extra than normally how I hug my friends but for some reason did not feel comfortable at all.

But… But I just realized that during our dates, I was telling him all the stories about my goofiness at work, and stupidities and he was laughing a li’l bit. But there was nothing he said that made me laugh. And I am so easy about laughing! Shawn says it doesnt take much to crack me up! I only fall for guys(and have previously in all my relationships) who can send me into peals of laughter, with eyes watering and where I can say the silliest things and get the silliest things said to. Really lame jokes are my lifeline. I cant even explain how the xBF’s humor was. It was a cross between extreme rudeness and insults and lame jokes. Abhi hopefully remembers it well. It is not a comparison, but just what I like in a boy.

I did walk back to my car smiling a little bit. But I am still waiting for the guitars and the violins.

When she talks about your vague Eat, Pray, Love aspirations:

PS : Mindy Kaling is my soulmate.


25 thoughts on “Dating Tales : Boy 2 : Date 2

    • I like regular guys. No problem with that. But I have always maintained that one major point is that a boy has to make me laugh to win my heart. Out of all the boyfriends I have had, all of them were able to make me have giggle fits within moments of becoming friends.


  1. Well don’t jump to conclusions.. Maybe there will be a First boy2 date3.. Who knows.. Some people take their time to talk silly so lets wait and watch..
    And hiking sounds awesome.. should have accepted it. Nothing better than having a hearty breakfast after a good hike.. *Why my focus is always around food*??


    • Hi-Fi about food!
      I did think about it but laziness is such a b*tch. And what if he is a psycho? He will kill me in the woods. And hiking reminds me of all the lonavala hikes thanks to which I had a very on off relationship with a guy.
      I am thinking of a beach sit down and talk session for the next time. Around 4pm when it gets relatively quieter.


  2. Oh man, I wouldn’t have done the hike either—what if he pushes you off the cliff. Beach picnic sounds fab for next time. No shivering this time na..that’s good. Is he just a quiet guy?Not given to humor as such? I will say this again though – he does take initiative in suggesting things…movie, hike etc..not bad.


    • You said it in a much nicer way. Shawn was like he may chop up your body and throw it in the woods. Eeeks!
      I did not see much shivering, but he was still nervous I guess. But lesser this time. If I say anymore that anon from my previous post might scold me again.
      He does have ideas although execution is funny. Hmmmm how many dates has he been on 😉


  3. Hey I have been to that place a couple of times 🙂 the food is really too “meaty” for this vegetarian. Lol! Yeah even I have this worry about greens sticking in my teeth. Eew! I still remember how I took an hour to finish a burger on my first date with my now-husband. The funny thing is I didn’t know it was a date and he didn’t know that I didn’t know. 😄
    Good luck you guys – BS, is that a real thing? Poor guy, imagine what a hard time he must have had in school/college!


    • Bwahahaha! It’s such a huge problem no? And burger makes everything so sloppy for me. You should see me eating In n Out Ka burger. I literally have stuff running down my palms to my forearms. I am just yucky!
      Arre I think date is a huge problem with us desis. We have the ‘either friends or the whole proposal scene to become BF-gf directly’ situation. I haven’t gone through this ‘dating before we see where it goes’ situation. I feel like such a lost teenager.


  4. Hiking sounds like a nice idea. If I were you, I would probably jump at the opportunity and drag a friend along. But, you are being careful 🙂 which is good, considering the fact that you hardly know the guy. Some people will take little longer to warm up to get comfortable with joking around. you never know.


  5. I jumped at the sight of this post in my reader thinking, “Great things are warming up ;)”

    I think I too would have turned down the idea of going for a hike with an (almost) stranger, so if your laziness made you do so, you gotta love your laziness for now. Taking initiative to suggest what all you two could do together is a GOOD thing. I haven’t missed on him giving you a slight hug on arrival & how he wasn’t as nervous as the last time.

    Coming to the sense of humor bit, I’d like to say that many people take time to warm up/ reach the comfort zone with someone to open up their wacky side. Though we can’t rule out the possibility of him being a ‘serious’ person, but I think in due course of time he will open up enough to let you see his funny bones.

    As far your sharing your goofy tales, I bet he sees them as cute. Like you pointed out the Indian mentality about dating, lets take this as it comes. Enjoy, be yourself, analyse but stay open to let things fall in place (if they are destined to).


  6. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this series of yours. I was also reasonably confident that you’d have a second date with Boy 2.

    Waise while all of this is fun to read, it also scares me. I would probably get a very bad score on my dates. Knowing that I am being evaluated and assessed by everythign I say, do or suggest would make me overly conscious and I would end up tongue tied and anxious, I think.

    PS – You reminded me of how I dropped some red sauce pasta on my white capris and sure enough, the red penne landed strategically on my crotch. That wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was me panicking and trying to pick it up because I was so worried about the stains it would leave. While picking it up, it kept slipping out of my hand. I know I looked like I was merrily digging away at my treasure. 😐

    The lesson I learnt was to always place a napkin on my lap, whenever possible. It is a must for people like who us who are incapable of eating without a mess.


    • I do end up saying very goofy things or very random words! I get a little nervous about how is the person is perceiving me. I had a huge presentation yday and during it my head kept saying that I am saying LNG test stand too much in my indian accent. But I kept the confident facade up. Haha
      That’s why I don’t wear white pants! I am so gross that I sit anywhere, drop anything! Recipe for disaster. The digging away part made me have a fit of giggles!


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