Us cool, Orkut kids

I think I have been on Social Media ever since the concept started. I want to say that I have an inherent need to please everyone and I constantly need social acceptance to ‘fit in’. But, even if it’s partly true, nope. I do not get into those arguments where people curse Facebook for all the social evils in the world or for narcissism and vanity. I am on FB, and very actively share dog and cat videos. I can’t help it if anyone thinks its perverted. Plus, it’s a great stalking tool.

I associate my college life with a very popular social media tool that was such a big hype till I finally moved to FB in 2009. I am talking about Google Orkut. I remember feeling very cool about having an Orkut profile and having lots of ‘Friends’ and ‘Fans’ and ‘Scraps’. 😀

Back until 2009, I used to have endless arguments with new FB users on why FB sucks in front of Orkut and how I will NEVER delete Orkut because I found all my childhood friends there, even if, we excitedly said hello and exchanged messages on Day 1 and never spoke again.

So when Google decided to shut it down, me and the best friend Shibz got very nostalgic about it. It was an important part of our friendship, our lives and a very important medium of avoiding studies. I have archived my Orkut account and you can do it too until Sept 2016. It will be saved in your google drive. The best part of my Orkut profile? The testimonials! Oooooh, the English, the fonts, the sms language! Sigh, we were such cool cats. I am putting in a few of my Testimonials here. Yes, I am that awesome.

This one below is by my absolute best friend Shibz. Back in college, his style could be described as of Abhishek Bachchan in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Including his behavior. I have told him plenty of times that if Inhad met him on the street, I would have gone ‘Ewwww!’ And would have never spoken to him. 😀


This next one is by one of my first friends in San Diego. We were a group of 3 guys and me doing everything together. There was huge drama around this and our friendship pretty much got ruined because he fell for me and got very jealous. Sheesh. 


This one is by Hazra who I am really close to. Shibz, he and I make a very stupid team. We were the nutjobs back in college and we still are. Such a simple message but he has always maintained that. ❤


This one is by a classmate in Lonavala. He has tried to be so cool that it’s hilarious!! He was such a simple guy. We got along pretty well. 


This is by Ani who is one of the BFFs and a general visitor on mine and Moo’s blog. She used to comment earlier but is trying to be pricy now. We have had a mad relationship in college where we did the nuttiest things ever. As for the last line, it is true. She almost hates me.



25 thoughts on “Us cool, Orkut kids

  1. Man… Seeing this i had to comment… Lol… This brings back so many memories… Testimonials were like the coolest thing on Orkut…n bitch i hate you!! But i still love u!! I shud write u a testimonial on fb to prove it..N who was this innocency guy?? I don’t remember…


  2. Yes, i also can relate you memories. Once when Fb was gaining momentum in 2009 and everone was asking me to join that, I was hesisted.

    I wanted to stick to orkut but slowly, I was lured in. But Orkut was really fun


  3. Testimonials.. God 🙂 The language and the words sounded so familiar. I have this innate urge to check my testimonials again. I am not on FB and don’t feel like getting on there anytime soon but Orkut was lovely..


  4. Okay, I have also installed Livefeed widgets to my page but it doesn’t show anything and is clinging there like an empty calender..

    Does it come with terms and conditions? Do it start working after 1-2 days? or do it cost money to show? It aint working there


  5. Hah orkut. I never realised how long it lasted. I was on orkut before Google acquired it. I think I am officially lamer. But gosh it seemed, at least in india, to be so much more controversial. I was also on hi5. I ll go kill myself now.


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