Dating tales : Boy 2 : Date 3

I forced myself to text BS during the week. Partly because I wanted to ask him if he wanted to watch Avengers next week with me and some friends of mine. He mentioned then that he was leaving for India for 3 weeks on that Friday. And then he mentioned that he was in San Francisco for a couple of days for an interview with ‘an Electronics giant whose primary symbol is a bitten fruit.’ I was quite impressed, because landing an interview with them is pretty hard.

After some back and forth, we decided to go for a movie on Friday. I told him Byonkesh Bakshi was still running near my place, but it was a late show. He was all for it. He wanted to meet at around 9.15 pm after dinner because he was at a work dinner thing. I said sure, because I wanted to finish my Zumba class in the evening and eat something healthy anyways. So, I did my dancing, went home, made squash soup(don’t wrinkle your pretty noses, it tastes brilliant!) and then got ready to leave at 9 pm. As I was on my way, he called that he will be late. I just turned away and went to a store called Target to kill time. I was in half a mind to just go back home and cancel on him. But I controlled my anger, and in his defense, I am the mad one about timing and he was at a work soiree which isn’t easy to get off. And then, I left Target only after he called me that he was almost there.

There were like 4 couples in the entire theater. :-/ I chose the most visible seats. It was actually pretty good. The thriller part is quite well executed and I like the whole vintage feel to it. My favorite character HAS to be Puntiram! He is like the ‘Ek Minute’ guy from Kahaani.

For the whole time, I kept the bag of popcorn planted firmly between us on the seat. I was leaning away from him for the 3 hours of the movie so much, that my neck got a nice pull. Do you know that there is a kiss in the movie? What’s the big deal you say? Me too. I was so supremely nonchalant and munching popcorn for the whole while that the heroine was on the screen, or staring at her dead straight with full concentration. Infinitely awkward. Must. Grow. Up.

I made a lot of random jokes before, during and after the movie. I still have no jokes to report from him, or any incident that made me laugh. He may never know how funny, or cute, or loud, my laugh is. Sigh.

While leaving, he gave me a hug. And a peck on my cheek during the said hug.

I still feel absolutely nothing. There is a feeling in my tummy when I think about it, but its not that happy feeling.

I think he likes me, because earlier while texting, he had said that the weekend would be busy because he has to shop and pack for India. But after the movie, he texted if we could meet again. But I had to tell him that I had a house party 40 min away and I was gonna spend the night with friends.

I have to figure out what to do. And soon.

Sigh……. #boyproblems


24 thoughts on “Dating tales : Boy 2 : Date 3

    • That’s what I am thinking. I feel horrible, but I just don’t miss him or feel that urge to spend time. Heck I kinda wanted to blow off Friday cuz I wanted to work out. It sounds stupid even saying aloud.


  1. Give the poor guy one more chance i say! He might have hidden all his jokes in his secret arsenal and plans to unleash them on you ONLY when you like him. He probably just has one of each kind and doesnt want to waste them yet.


  2. aaah, well it would have worked out if you guys were colleagues/friends and have not met for the end goal as potential partners. This case is different, even after 3 dates, if you do not feel anything towards him, instead of building up the momentum, it is probably better to let go. May be, turn this into friendship if that is even possible and go with no strings attached and no end goal in mind. Both of your time is very important too to even chance of a possibility.


    • Exactly what I have been thinking. I am not used to this. Of course everything is new at first. I have usually dated people only after being friends for a while. I don’t mind being friends but I have to come clean to him that I am not feeling anything.


  3. Three meetings down if you aren’t getting the ‘happy’ vibe, I think it is indeed time to think more clearly. He is definitely loving your company, which could even be probably because you are the very first girl he has been dating. I think the 3 week break while he is in India will help you both get a check on how you guys are actually feeling about each other.

    The rule of thumb is, never ignore your gut feeling. If you think it is isn’t working, don’t force yourself into anything.


    • I have no clue about his past. I have mentioned about going for movies with then boyfriends but he has never spoken anything. So mysterious. Maybe I am way more open. I don’t know.
      My gut feeling says no. I will not enjoy it. And I am still clearly hungover.
      I cried over a lead character’s death in Grey’s anatomy for an hour yday because it spoke about separation and coping and I missed the xBF so much. Also I was hormonal. Sheesh.

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      • Don’t take it all as an impending breakup. To be very honest, you guys are yet to get into the ‘comfort zone’ of being more than acquaintances, so this not just yet qualifies you being in any relationship with him.

        You and more so him needs a breather and serious thought as to where you are heading. Fooling around giving vague signals is a definite no-no.

        Break free from his thoughts, lead the life you live with friends, fun, books, game of thrones & laziness. Put him on a back burner and you’ll slowly see the fog disappear.


        • Thankfully it will not be s breakup since we aren’t even friends yet. I will just tell him that I am not at a relationship level and he can decide if he is okay be friends or he can move ahead if this is wasting his time. It will ever fine by me.
          I have my fog lights on for sure. 🙂 hugs right back at ya.

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  4. Oh my.. I can’t say I understand.. but I can imagine. I pray you get a clarity and stay ready for good things that may be coming your way! 🙂
    Hugs ❤


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