Justice for sale

My newest Facebook comment on Arjun Kapoor and Salman Khan got me 99 comments. Out of those 99 comments, there were comments from 2 guys who I think are pretty brain dead, defending Salman Khan, calling me Congressi Sonia Gandhi and an unforgiving sinner. 8 people texted me to ask what is wrong with my FB friend list. 😀


All and sundry are definitely aware of the Salman Khan case that has been doing the rounds. He allegedly was driving drunk on a night in 2002 and drove over a footpath injuring a few people and killing one. The case has been languishing in sessions court since then and finally he was awarded a sentence of 5 years for driving under the influence of alcohol, culpable homicide not amounting to murder and for not having a driving license. Within a record time of an hour, he was awarded bail by high court for 2 days, and then after 2 days, the High Court passed a super quick judgement to squash his jail term and set up a new date. Tareekh pe tareekh, tareekh pe tareekh, anyone?


It makes me laugh(and shed tears on the side) that the lawyers and courts are tumbling over each other in their over eagerness to please Salman Bhai. Just a day before that, I read the saddest report on rapes, false naxal allegations on women and blatant violation of human rights in the tribal belt of India. I read up everything I could on Soni Sori and have been disturbed ever since. There are thousands of under trials who have been counting months , and some even years, till they get atleast a date in court for bail proceedings. I don’t know what to make from this.

There is this Arjun Kapoor who claims that no matter what anyone, or any court says, he completely believes that Salman Khan cannot do such a deed. There are celebrities claiming that footpaths are not meant to be sleeping on. There are hordes of celebrities visiting his place as if someone has died. Well, someone did die. In 2002. Under his vehicle, which is still being used by the way. He had the guts to send his driver to claim that he was the culprit, and he woke up after 13 years in order to ‘realize his mistake’. Kamal Khan who was a witness and had given a statement that Salman was indeed behind the steering wheel, disappeared one fine day. Another person died, who kept his claim alive that Salman WAS drunk and WAS driving. Having been tortured according to several reports, and being shunned by family and friends, he passed away literally on the streets after contracting TB. What a sad, sad end. I wonder where this generous Human Being was then.

Now, my mom and I are fans of his style and his movies. My mom had a huge crush on him when Maine Pyar Kiya came out. I fell in love with Salman Khan and Madhuri tai after Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. I whistled loudly during Ek Tha Tiger when he swaggered around. I don’t want to count his remakes, because I hate them to be honest. I feel they are made for people who have a really, really low IQ, even though I love masala films. I am extremely intrigued about his affairs and lap up all stories and old pictures of him and Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif. But that is where my love ends. 

My father cannot stand Salman Khan. He gets mad when mom or me drool over him. He always says how can we like a person who is such a ‘gunda’, kills people, hits women, claims to have conquered all his actresses. He cannot stand the movie Hum Saath Saath Hain because they show Prem to be the most generous hearted person ever, whereas during the same movie he set out to hunt a protected species of rare deer with other imbeciles like Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre and Tabu. He chased a deer round and round till it was tired, then shot and injured him, and then cut its neck off with a knife. Real macho, Mr. Khan, real macho.

There are countless people who insist that his ‘mistake’ should be forgiven because he has done a huge amount of charitable work. According to that logic, Bill and Melinda Gates should be handed a couple of grenades and a free rein with a license to kill. His nonprofit Being Human began in 2008 or 2009. Only if our judiciary wouldn’t have been asleep for so long and had passed the judgement within a couple of years, would there have been less furor over this judgement? I wonder. I am not even harping on the fact that he claimed of drinking water in a bar when he was a known alcoholic, short tempered, egoistic enough to think he is always right(he still is if you watch Bigg Boss *rolling my eyes*), he hid inside his home till the cops came to get him after running away from the site.

 I am sure, after 10-15 years when the judgement finally passes, he will be fined Rs. 500 for driving without a license in the end and will be let go. 

But the charity will continue.

Whatever helps him sleep at night.


16 thoughts on “Justice for sale

  1. Sallu ‘beating’ the legal case was a foregone conclusion. He’s rich, famous and has connections in the highest places. However, what really bothered me is his fan following, even among women. He has a documented history of hitting his girlfriends. Makes me wonder why is he still adored by crores of people. But this is India, so understandable ( sort of, given the misogyny that exists here). But I wonder how women beaters such as Floyd Mayweather, and bunch of NFL’ers and NBA’ers are adored by fans in the USA. That really bothers me.


    • I do t get it either! How do these people get away with the women as well defending the actions?!? I feel lost. Like am I missing something here or has my thinking really gone to a toss?
      The whole case and now Jayalalitha’s situation has turned the judiciary into a standing joke. Section 377, blatant ignorance for the common man, all the scams and everyone going scott free. Ho kya raha hai!!


      • Tell me about it! When the Jayalalitha case verdict happened, I had the relief and feeling of “there is still hope”. But now this happens! Really?! All you need in this country is money and a big name and you can go around doing anything and everything! I am so pissed off!


  2. It is very easy to blindly defend someone when you are not in the victim’s shoes. My mom was killed during an attempted robbery at our home. After more than 8 plus years, culprit was found. Another 5 years have passed, case has not even come to the court for hearing. Month after after something or other and hearing gets postponed. At this point, i dont even care what happens. Afterall what is justice in this situation?
    Regardless of what happens, my mom is not coming back. But cant imagine being from a lower economic strata and having to deal with life long disability due to someone’s idiocity. In India, as long as some situation does not affect you personally, everything would be all right.


    • Dear Anon, I am very sorry about your mom and sorrier that you are reminded of it again and again in the courthouse without any fair proceeding.
      This reason amongst so many, is why I am so disappointed with what is going on. Justice delayed is justice denied.


  3. Very well written and sadly very true too. No matter how much I like him or his charitable work, nothing can take away from the fact that he was driving that car- drunk! Sad justice system here.


  4. Popular today on whatsapp :

    I went to the Bhelpuri wala and asked him for a bhel.
    Requested him zara jaldi dena.
    He told me, “Saab, bhel hai, bail nahin, Time lagegaa !😜


  5. Like your dad I can’t stand him. Or goondas like him. I feel ashamed that I have watched Maine pyar kiya, hum aapke etc movies so many times back then. 😱 Seriously these laws are only for common people who follow them. The real goondas escape unhurt. Travesty of justice.


  6. The thing that upset me most in this very upsetting fiasco was the story of the cop. The guy who died of TB was a police constable who was the only person (I think) who had consistently pointed a finger at Salman. He must have been under immense pressure to change his statement that Salman was driving under the influence. He was eventually put behind bars himself on some ridiculous charge relating to this case itself. Apparently his family abandoned him; the report I read said that they were possibly threatened or paid off to do so. He really deserved better.

    I hate to say this, but there is no justice in this country.


    • That was a very appalling way the whole case unfurled. He was so young, handsome and healthy. The entire time, he insisted that it was SK who was driving. The number of witnesses that turned hostile, there has to be a shitty game behind the way he was abandoned and left to die.


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