Good Bye Aruna! (Guest post by the father)

I hope everyone is aware of the story of Aruna Shanbaug. It was a gross insult of humanity and justice. I remember seeing this story on Bhanwar, a show on an Indian TV channel and being shocked. From what I read and what my parents told me, she was engaged to get married to a junior Doctor she loved. He cared for her for 6 years till he got married and moved abroad, and until 1988 he and his wife would visit her at the hospital at times. The Dean had covered up a lot of the crime because he wanted to preserve their ‘honor’. It led to a huge failure of the whole case and the criminal getting away with peanuts for punishment. 

My father was greatly disturbed that day after he read the news of her passing away finally. He wrote the following to express his emotions and sent it over to me. 


Good Bye Aruna. We will miss you badly.

Aruna Shanbaug died on 18th May 2015. A life started as a young, bright girl with a caring nature and full of dreams came to tragic end.

But did she actually live?

She died on 27th Nov 1973 when she was sexually assaulted and strangled by a pervert product of the society. He was lust and cruelty personified. It is very difficult to believe that such a man can exist in an educated, advanced society.

Aruna paid for being good natured, affable human being. She paid for resisting a man’s unjustified desires.

Who killed Aruna? The ward boy who assaulted but cannot be charged for murder, the society which produced such a person, the system which could do no justice to her or we all as a part of the nation to which she belonged?

What is it if not the mockery of justice? Aruna was sentenced to 42 years of pitiable life at the tender age of 26. But the man responsible for such ghastly act was given only 6 years in prison, released and may be leading a happy life without a shade of shame. Even the charges framed against him were nothing in comparison to his crime. Now when everything is lost, the learned legal brains are engaged in futile discussions whether he can be charged with murder!

I, a nobody, a common man, aam admi, am ashamed of the society, the judicial system and all males. Let nobody care but it was saddest day for me, the common man, when I came to know about the official death of Aruna.

Aruna, please forgive us. We all are guilty for what you had to undergo. We are guilty that we could not make amends to you and we are also guilty as we know we are not sure whether we can protect any more Aruna in future. This is lifetime shame for us.

No praise is fulsome for the doctors and nurses who looked after Aruna with such love and care which only God can show. We are proud of them and bless them.

Hope Aruna gets best opportunity in the next birth and is compensated for all the sufferings. Let’s wish we see her in the next birth enjoying decent life which she deserved. Till then good bye Aruna. We really, really miss you.


10 thoughts on “Good Bye Aruna! (Guest post by the father)

  1. I agree with every last word.

    It is too painful for me to say more.
    We have failed miserably.
    But wait, our lives will go on while hers will forever be stuck in those last moments of horror.

    Moments like these? I hate my motherland. I truly do.
    What good is a country and its governance if they can’t protect their women? Or at least see that justice is served.



    • It broke my heart when I read about the case. I agree. I feel disgusted with everything. Aruna, Bhanwari Devi, Maimun, a the acid attack victims, naxal victimizing. I hate our country at such times. It makes me think you know? About God, justice, karma.


  2. I remember reading first about Aruna when Pinky Viraani (I’m pretty sure that’s her name)had wrote about her in The Week 17 years back. She was fighting for Aruna’s right to euthanasia after living in a vegetative state for 25 years. As a 14 year old, I was very disturbed. Even as a teenager, I could see how our justice system grossly under performed. I know euthanasia is a very complicated subject but our system could have provided her a much more peaceful end.
    Oh btw, I’m a lurker but I had to comment on this. Very nicely written piece by your dad.


    • I am glad you de-lurked! Yes, it’s Pinky Viraani who was fighting for her rights to die. But the nurses weren’t wrong either. They wanted to protect her and care for her. I have no idea what should have been the correct outcome here since we don’t know what she would have wanted.
      But the justice delivered for the criminal, was embarrassing to us as a society. It was a heinous crime to let that psychopath go out in the society.


  3. This is the most heart breaking story ever. I remember reading about it in the news first many years ago and then I went to Wiki. What I read made me feel sick in my stomach. Humans can be so cruel.

    Anyway, it’ a well written piece πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Pepper. Will pass the message to him. πŸ™‚
      It was horrible. Just horrible. There were some real story episodes too on Bhanwar that affected me for a long time. So much sadness. 😦


  4. With the recent ongoings. my faith in justice has crumbled into bits. I only pray for results of each and everyone’s own karma! And that..only time will tell!

    Well written… πŸ™‚


    • Thanks! Will let Dad know. πŸ™‚
      I read an article which said that we are approaching a day, where people of India, who the judiciary is supposed to be serving, will lose their faith in the court completely.


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