15 years and a day

Thank you all of you for your positivity and good wishes. It helped our lil boy leave. After 8 days of struggle, he breathed his last with his mommy with him. He was loved by everyone and absolutely adored by his family.  

It seems to us that he was waiting to give us the joy of his 15th birthday. His last rites were done and he was cremated with his red ribbon around his neck. He took the last ride in his favorite way, our car, with his head on his daddy’s lap.

Now we just have to re-learn being without him around. 

Moony (19th July 2000 – 20th July 2015) 



26 thoughts on “15 years and a day

  1. Oh PB… Hugs to you. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s been years since I lost my four legged siblings – a huge gentle German Shepherd and seven kitties – but I still dream of them. πŸ˜₯ Your little boy brought great joy to your family and it shows how much loved he was. Hugs!


  2. He had a wonderful 15 years with 3 people who love him to bits. He probably now lives among the clouds, ekdum cozy and must be looking down at you guys fondly.

    I do hope his love life takes off in cloud-land and he manages to finally kiss a girl dog (or whatever it is that dogs do to profess love).


  3. What a cutie he was! Hugs PB, it must be hard for you and your parents. This is the hardest part of having dogs… don’t know what it is but this is the third post on pets passing I’ve read this week… quite depressing:( Take care…


  4. Oh God.. Just saw your title and my heart sank. Your post was exactly what I feared it would be.

    I am so sorry, PB. This must be so hard. Big hug to you and bigger hug to your parents. I hope all of you relearn to live without him soon. I am sure Moony’s memories will make you smile through out your lives.


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