Of conversations and such…

This is literally how my conversation goes with some people at work, on every day of the week.

Monday : Hi, thanks, doing good. So tired, ugh, I need a longer weekend. Hate Mondays.

Tuesday : How are you? Happy Tuesday. Ugh, its going to be a long week.

Wednesday : Hi, I am good too, thanks. Made it half way. Almost there.

Thursday : Ya, I am good. How are you? Well, another day to go. Happy Thursday.

Friday : Yeah, I am good. Its Friday. Happy Friday! Weekend plans? Catching up on sleep.

It’s like a countdown. Every single week. Specially with people who I am not particularly great friends with, but we get along. Haha. If we are stuck together for long, we will talk about weather like rest of Californians do. If there is more time, they will invariably ask me about when I am going next to India.

I need more topics. Or a watch to make me invisible.

I am not a small talk person. I get awkward. You can literally hear the crickets go off in my head when there is a pause in conversation with someone new I meet. I am not the life of a party. I am more of the well dressed, hair and makeup done kind of dark cloud who will stand in the corner of a room or find a chair to plop down with one friend, if this is an unknown person’s party. Oh! The kitchen! Yes, I am also the person who will linger in the kitchen, eyeing food or eating it the whole time. The days when I used to not drink on Saturdays? Talking or even the thought of hanging out with certain people used to be so excruciating. There are people with who if I have to be, I definitely need to be atleast 2 drinks down. Compulsory! Then I will start dancing with my shoes off and that’s another story.

As a matter of fact, don’t ever ask me so what’s up or what’s new, specially if you don’t know me too well. It is a VERY loaded question. There is this colleague of mine who says “Hi PB, so what’s new?” There are so many things I want to tell him but I check myself and give the worst response. Ever. “Nothing much.” Meh.

Remember these conversations with some people?
Me : Hi!
Person 2 : Hi!
Me: So what’s up?
Person 2 : Nothing much. You tell.
Me : Nothing much.
Person 2 : Hmm.
Me : Ok, good talking to you! Bye!

I want to usually tell everyone everything about me. It has put me in spots where I end up looking like a ditzy, silly girl. While camping in Zion, I ended up telling DD and Ted about some hidden dams and waterfalls in Lonavala that I had discovered with some friends **cough, and some boyfriends, cough** and I haven’t heard the end of it from Ted now. He keeps laughing at me. Hmmpphh. Now, why would I say such things right away? Your guess is as good as mine. I suffer from the classic word-diarrhea syndrome.

But I want to know things. I am a curious cat. I think that’s what led me to blogs as well. I want to know everything about people. What they feel, what they think, what goes on behind that curiously sweet smile that makes their eyes crinkle. I want to know what they are thinking when they take a pause and shake their head at me. I want to find out how they feel when I do something. I want to know what is their view on movies, Narendra Modi, traveling, the car they like, the scent that turns them on, their favorite color, everything! Give me mental stimulation and give me fluff. I will gladly accept both.


For the future special someone, a little hint : If you want to win my heart, be ready to talk!

16 thoughts on “Of conversations and such…

  1. OMG I am exactly the same way!! Seriously!! Ditto for small talk, and for deep conversations.. Loved this – “But I want to know things…… Give me mental stimulation and give me fluff. I will gladly accept both.” 🙂
    A few years ago, I used to call myself the queen of hypothetical situations.. Because when there is nothing in the moment, I like to bring up hypothetical situations and ask my closest people what they would do/ think/ feel..
    I so wish you lived somewhere near me PB, I really do!


    • I have tried the hypothetical situation thing! I got the weirdest looks though and a lot of ‘what’s wrong with you!’s. Maybe my situations were really weird. Lol
      And I don’t have to have a very intelligent talk, you know. I am not the pretentious intellectual types. Sometimes things just go tangent over my head. But sometimes I need it. And sometimes I need really stupid talks too.
      I wish so too ya! We could have had so many beer/wine/coffee/boba tea conversations.


  2. I am laughing at the weird looks, I know what you mean! 🙂 Yes, agree that doesn’t have to be intelligent/ intellectual talk all the time.. Need fun stupid conversations as much as the intelligent ones.. Haha let’s hope and wish that I find a job near SD and you stay put there!


  3. I hate small talk too! I cannot open up quickly to people, but I can’t just talk to them for the sake of having a conversation. My blog and diaries are really my best friends, where I can say all I want!


  4. Haha…that entire last paragraph on being curious, I was shaking my head all along. I love doing all that. My work involves psychology, digging into people’s minds, it is so much fun interpreting people’s thought and feelings.

    Hate small talk, but I think now I have learnt to wriggle out of it. I ask questions and let them talk 😛


  5. Oh you don’t know about the stories that happen in metro rides. No words, no talks- but stories. I am beginning to talk less myself. So far, it has been a bit boring because I am basically your cousin or something as far as talking goes. But hoping it evolves into something good eventually…

    Come Delhi and we will have a talk-date! How about that ? 🙂


  6. Lol.. on the other hand, I seem to be good at short talk at work specially with all those acquaintances. I do not want to have long conversations with acquaintances either, first, not much time to chat around unless you are part of some project that you are working together (at least, in my case). Secondly, it is hard to speak about something personal about us to acquaintances. Why would any one be interested in things you say until they benefit them some way?

    Ah, I am shy as well and socially awkward too, but like you, I definitely enjoy nice conversation with one person who can chat. And, I love people who have topics to talk , can talk about it and let me contribute to some extent,. Besides, with such people, I have no problem them talking more than I 🙂

    Haha.. you need that future special some one who could listen more than talk 😉 ? isn’t?


    • Soemtimes if the person seems interesting, small talk also comes easy. But most of the times I can’t. I just can’t! Then I come across as snooty or snobbish. I can see that as being my fault though. Sigh.
      But there is something about holding a conversation. However dumb or smart it is, I find it a huge turn on when someone an talk freely and laugh freely. To me they come across as smart and gifted and fun and I love that. I talk nineteen to a dozen with my friends too. And it can be absolutely rubbish but those can be some of the most memorable conversations.
      Haha. Yes, MUST be a good listener.


  7. I want someone to write a book on ‘2000 interesting, non-monotonous things to say when asked – “What’s up?” ‘. I’m tired of saying, “nothing/not much”, “the usual”, “Same old”, “really bored ya”, “so much work”, “X more days to weekend, yeyy!”.

    I really wonder why we ask whatsup to people we barely know. In the lift, in the washroom, in the pantry. Clearly, the other person is NOT going to elaborate on what really is up with their lives. Small talk should be banned. Faltu ka stress.

    I used to bump into my landlords dil almost every day on the terrace and our conversation each time was the following, verbatim –

    Me – Hi (giant fake smile)
    Her – How are you?
    Me – Good good. And you?
    Her – Im good too. Had food?
    Me – *Insert status of food consumption depending on time of day*. What about you?
    Her – Yes, we just had…you must be busy.
    Me – Not much. Ok chalo see you.
    Her – Ok bye.

    Every single day. Its not that she ever offered food when i told her i’m yet to eat or vice-versa. Then whats the point?!


    • Hahaha! I like how she said you must be busy. It’s like she wants you to stop the conversation! Lol
      I hate that what’s up. I just find it too loaded. I want to tell them ki ‘what’s up?’, I will tell you what’s up. I am not sure where my money is going, not sure where love life is going, not sure if belly fat is going. They will shut up for the rest of their lives if I start telling them ki what’s up.


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