Dating Tales : Boy 3 : Date 1

I think sometime in October, I got very frustrated with something (or someone, we can say) and I hopped back on Coffee meets Bagel, a dating app for a brief 5-6 days. I wanted to get back on it, but I had a nagging belief that if I focus on one person, maybe it will work. But I realized it was not meant to be. I realized I need a man, and not a boy. And I want a story, not just a chapter anymore. Such a nice dialogue! I should be a writer. Or a columnist. I digress.

So, to cut a short story shorter, I started talking to a guy from the app. I liked him basically because he is a Phd and has 2 big dogs. Yes, that’s my criteria, no judging. I have been talking to him on and off since then. We have exchanged pictures of Moony and his two dogs that are huge and absolutely adorable. He asked me to meet several times when he was taking his dogs to the beach or to dog parks, but I usually had something or the other. Finally, I texted him if he was free on Wednesday and met him yesterday.

This was an interesting date. For one, there was no food involved, and I was honestly glad about it. I met him at a park near my gym after my work out and I wasn’t even dressed up and all that. I was in my workout gear and two sweaters(it was cold!). I did take pains to dab my face clean in the gym locker room and put on some kajal and mascara and some perfume. But that was about it. I reached the park and he got there after 5 minutes and then I met his dogs! And, err, him.

So, to protect any detection, I am going to call the dogs Miss and Mister. Miss was a 50 lb dog that was found on the street as a stray(suspiciously left by owners), starving at 20 lbs. She has the most pleadingly adorable eyes ever and comes to you every so often to look and stare and ask for re-assurance. Mister is a gentle giant and way bigger than her, like a horse, with the saddest droopiest eyes that fool everyone. He loves the outdoors but gets tired easily. He was turned to the shelter after some neighbors spotted him in a foreclosed home. Mister has not seen starvation and streets but Miss has and he said that is the reason that Mister will walk out of open door and car windows but Miss will not. It broke my heart to hear that. 😦

We spoke a lot while walking around. He was not boring. He made some jokes about me and him and the dogs and told me funny stories from Indiana and here. I told him some of my goofy stories and he laughed at appropriate places. It was a nice long walk, and I had worked on my legs at the gym, but I did not complain. I was walking Miss while he had Mister and I did not get bored at any point. He is a Telugu guy from Mumbai, and seems to have quite a cosmopolitan approach. The best part is, he LOVES dogs and even volunteers at the Orange County shelter and I have told him that I want to sign up as well. He is also a vegetarian. One attractive thing about him is that he is very well educated. I always like that in a man and that is somewhat of a turn on. Ooh, he is also moving to the apartment complex just across the street where I have recently moved.

About feelings, I don’t know if I am attracted to him. I have definitely struck a chord with him, but regarding turning it into a romance, we don’t know. Only time can tell. If you are wondering how and why, when I already have Anuroop(the wedding portal) looming closer and closer, let me tell you, that I will not give up trying to find someone on my own. The medium could be a website or an app, or through friends. Not in a bar, definitely not, I am just not that person. And through friends also seems questionable, because I have shamelessly asked Abhi if he has any single friends, and he suggested ONE person VJ who is poles apart and very brother like and funny. Hehe. Nobody has suggested anyone else. Or they all think I am too messed up to ruin someone’s life, I don’t know. 😦 Then there are boys who can’t or won’t hit on their friend’s friend or friend’s sisters. I think I am just ranting now, so I will stop before it turns into a full blown angry monologue. Again.



27 thoughts on “Dating Tales : Boy 3 : Date 1

  1. Hi, I read your blog posts for quite sometime and for some reason this was the best post I’ve read! Don’t ask me why because I’m asking the same question to myself 😛

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  2. I do not think, there will be any romantic feelings on the first sight. Unless, you are extremely physically attracted and that would be just a fleeting crush. Friendship or a relationship as you know develops over a period of quality time spent with each other.
    Next door neighbor soon? – sounds like a possibility of this continuing is higher.. isn’t?


  3. Just this afternoon while baking I was thinking about you & Anuroop and somehow my heart said, arranged marriage set up is so not for a clear minded girl like you. It was more of an out-of-nowhere kind of a thought but since it occurred to me recently I happen to remember it.

    Given for a 1st date I seriously think this one went pretty cool and just the way a first meting ought to be. Give things time and if it is right for you, something will happen as time moves on 🙂

    Keep looking girl, love can happen anytime 🙂


    • I told my buddy Shawn that I don’t even want to work hard at getting a guy. I just want to walk across and someone should fall in love at first sight. Will save me all the wooing/fishing trouble. Lol. Lazies. He asked me to walk across this cute guy. I was in an XL tee n shorts n with sweaty hair at the gym. 😀
      But this went better than what I have had.
      How adorable is that you thought of me while baking! Now I want a cake. 😀

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  4. I love that image at the end!! sounds like it went well for a first date aur ab padosan bhi hai! keep us updated. btw.. cosmopolitan telugu boys are really hard to find… i know… I tried!!


  5. I have great friend who is a Telugu and I love how his priorities are all sorted out – avvakai rice to begin with and perugu anna to end your meal 🙂 jokes apart – your date sounds really promising, good luck!


  6. I “liked” this post earlier but just had to come back to say how much I love the graphic… I need that t-shirt… “It’s working out… I think I’m the one” Fabulous!


  7. He is gonna be your neighbor? You should start practicing mere saamne wali khidki mein, with some tweaks to the lyrics of course. And he will come flying through your window for you. Just try it. Always works.


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