It’s 2016 already?I feel like I am hungover. I keep thinking that it is 2015, but I know it’s not and for some reason I still feel thinking its 2014. Like, I definitely have to pause and take a moment to remember what F-ing year is going on!

Also, I just have gotten back from India. I spent around 20 days at home, and it was glorious! Shib got married, another friend Ashwini got married, so Day 1-3 of the trip was spent in dressing up, traveling, and eating wedding food. It was really fun catching up with all old friends and taking too many mad pictures. Ani, thank Sanuj. 🙂

I spent a majority of the trip eating out and spending time with friends. The food was taking such a toll on me, that I was literally popping meds before every meal, but there was no stopping me! I ate loads of Pani-Puris, momos(thanks Moo!), Paneer tikkas, sandwiches, and what not! We even scored a free cake at Barbeque Nation where I took the parents for a dinner last week. I have put on quite a bit, but we shall worry when the time comes. 🙂

Also, I met another blog-friend! I met Bhakti this time, and it was really fun hanging out with her. I used to feel that we have a giant age difference between us, but I did not realize it when we met. Either she is too mature or I am too juvenile; I am inclined to swing towards the latter. Also, it’s totally awesome to give someone career advice and pretend that you know everything. Just kidding B, I DO know everything. Thanks for meeting me Bhakti, and thank you for the awesome gifts. My mom thought those are pudding/Jello packets. Haha. I am going to try them out soon and will let you know if I get mistaken for an 18 year again.

But but, here’s the best part! My parents are here with me!! Yayyy! That was the whole reason for the short trip and my parents traveled to the US along with me yesterday. They are tired, not surprisingly, and are getting used to this whole new world. It was quite funny to see their reactions at the airport and in the flight. It’s going to be fun and quite interesting, the next 5 months. I will try not complaining about my curtailed social life(as if it was super exciting).

PS : A part of my vacation also involved chewing off my nails to receive my H1b transfer on time in India(company decided to change some payroll name at the last minute), being convinced that I was going to get deported, waiting with bated breath to get the visa approval, tracking my Fedex from my attorney with visa documents every hour, stalking the shit out of Pune Fedex facilities and getting the driver’s phone number to meet him on the highway 10 minutes before we left for Mumbai to catch my return flight. I live on the edge, people.

PPS : Wish you all a very happy new year! Trust all are doing great!

26 thoughts on “2016??

  1. Glad you are back with such intense drama around h1b transfer 🙂 and great memories 🙂 🙂
    Your parents are here.. how sweet. So your weekends and evenings will be super packed 🙂 How long are they here?
    When ever my parents were here – I did not know how time flew by, I barely had a weekend or two that I can count on where we stayed home to do nothing or we had guests over. we were on the run all the time.


  2. Good that you had a wonderful India trip. I feel jealous as I have not been to India for the past 2 years and it seems very unlikely in the near future. The H1B transfer, extension, approval, stamping are all headaches 😦


  3. Welcome back!! Great to know that your folks are with you. I am sure you must be super excited.

    With those detox smoothies that you make I am sure you would be able to get rid of those unwanted kilos in no time..
    Meeting blogger friends is always fun!! If you are ever in NJ, shout!!


  4. Yay happy new year pb, and welcome back! I was in india for 3 weeks too, and can totally relate to the crazy fun and the popping pills before every meal! It’s awesome that your parents are visiting, I hope that they enjoy their stay here!


  5. How nice it must feel to have five months stretch before you. It’s nice they could travel back with you. Wish you lots of fun and congrats on the visa coming through.


  6. Hey! Happy new year! That was really some nail biting wait for the visa. But yay your parents are with you. Such a happy proud feeling I am sure it must be to show them around 🙂


  7. Happy 2016 ❤
    You were missed and in noway did it feel that you were gone for 20 days only.
    So glad your folks are going to be around. Hope you all have a great time and yes, visa woes are the worst.


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