The 4th!

I think my blog would have been able to register for school safely had it been a human child and I would have been the overbearing, obsessed mother, calculating every percentile, including the rate of it’s bowel movement as compared to peers. 

Or if this blog were a boyfriend, this would have been the longest relationship I have had, unless you count the one with Johnny Depp in my head.

Or if this was a bottle of cough syrup in my medicine cabinet, it would have some very questionable effects by now. 

Or if it were…. Err, you catch the drift.


Thank you for helping me splash this riot of colors! Big hug to all of you for simply being there! And some sympathy for tolerating all of my semi-important posts.

Much love!! 

16 thoughts on “The 4th!

  1. Wow! Your blog and my blog are (almost) the same age, that makes our blogs batch-mates πŸ˜‰
    A very Happy Blog Anniversary to you. Wishing you many more wonderful milestones.
    Keep up the fab work PB 😘


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