Let me start by saying that I have a great memory where I can embarrass an elephant into invisibleness. I can remember small things and details and bring up age-old incidents during fights and arguments. I remember important incidents of my life vividly, and my many firsts!

I was reading some stories on Reddit, and lately I have been obsessed with those. Some comments made me very nostalgic. I could feel the rush of my childhood in my mind and heart. But some part of it was what I call pseudo-nostalgia. I could feel that warmth and the feeling that ‘that’ has happened, but I, for the life of it, could not remember that incident or the moment when that haze of a memory was created.

I have an amazing father. I have written so many times about him and that I am very close to him. We have an odd thing going on with us right now and some distances from my side, which will hopefully go away soon. He has done a lot for me since childhood and has been a wonderful daddy. One thing that comes to my mind is how he has picked me up while walking when I was tired. But I can’t remember when he carried the asleep me to bed from the living room. I am sure he has done that. I wish I remembered that.

But what I remember is the absolutely goofy look and glinting eyes and the lopsided tongue that a very young puppy, our Moony, used to have when any of the three of us would carry him like a baby around the house and talking/singing ‘Majhi rani beti, majha raja bachcha’(My little prince/princess). Then he grew super heavy. 🙂

My mom told me this super cute story the other day when we were driving to San Diego. I used to love going to the zoo. Mind you, the zoo in Indore was rather crappy, and after a few years I lost total interest in them and in circuses and I grew more aware and repulsed by them. Eventually, now I am one of the many signatures demanding releasing animals from circuses and better habitat in zoos. So, we used to go to the zoo on my dad’s Bajaj scooter standing in the front. I would be dressed in my best summer frock and I would insist on a small picnic. Many times it would just be me and my dad. I would insist on carrying this small rectangular picnic basket and I always had a water bottle and hat in it as well. Because I would want to eat something rather than actually getting hungry, my mum would pack exactly 4 homemade chaklis, which are these fried spirally snacks. Yet, I would ask for something or the other at the zoo cafeteria. Every single time. And my dad had to buy some sort of soda or snack to shut me up. In fact, this habit is legendary where however well fed and watered I was, if we went out, I had to buy something and so it was nightmarish for my dad to take me out. Now I remember the zoo time, but I don’t remember these details that I really want to!

The other memory I want to have is how I felt after I wore my first pair of glasses. I had really, really screwed up vision. I used to do quite bad academically because I could not read the writing on the black board and had nothing to copy down. I would have incomplete writings or nothing to write down for tests. When we moved to Delhi, my class teacher in Grade 1 noticed my constant walking to the blackboard and notified my parents. They took me to the doctor and I can remember having an ice-cream after and my parents being very upset. They did not have glasses until the regular age related reading issues. And when my bad vision was detected, I was already at -3 or -3.5, which is quite a bit for most myopics. I shouldn’t even mention my prescription now, when I am almost blind without glasses or contacts. I have heard of stories about people saying “Oh, the trees have individual leaves!” or “Wow, the clouds have shapes!” and even “The stores have names on them!” after wearing their first glasses. These are not exaggerations. If you don’t wear glasses, you have no idea how fukin’ minblowing things can be when you can see sharply again. I just wish I could remember my moment of clarity!

Guys reading this, you may feel a li’l awkward although you shouldn’t and if you really don’t, I am happy to see some normalcy. I can’t remember the time I actually, for reals, got my first period! I remember the second day because we had a school picnic to a water park and I resisted for a long time and then just said fuk it, I am getting into the water. I am sure I wasn’t too shocked because I was in 8th grade and I had had plenty of sex-ed and menstruation lectures by then. It was just like Uh-oh, so finally it has happened to me. But it became way worse after the first cycle because then I started getting horrible cramps that feel like death. Something more embarrassing about getting my menses was my mom telling my dad ‘PB badi ho gayi’(PB has grown up) and him laughing. I wish I could have disappeared.

I don’t care about the rest of the boyfriends to worry about their memories. But I can’t pinpoint the exact time when the xBF and I actually mutually knew we had fallen for each other! It is such a big timeline between September 2010 and January 2011 when things took flight between us. I remember sharing moments, that turned into ‘Shit, I am falling for this guy!’ to spending time with him and stolen hugs and kisses. While leaving for India in Dec 2010, he gave me a quick and secretive peck on the cheek and I don’t know if our friends saw that. That was also the time I was mentally and emotionally very unbalanced and immature because of losing a friend, which in retrospect was a really good thing that happened to me, and I should have handled it better, but I gained the xBF after that upheaval. So good riddance to bad rubbish! But oh dear Lord, I wish I could remember the precise moment when both of us thought that yep, screw friendship, we are more than that!

So many such incidents, that I know have happened and I have a foggy idea. But how I wish I could see them clearly.

Memories are like clouds,
Shape shifting treasures.
Some very clear and some blurred,
With bitter-sweet pleasures.


22 thoughts on “Pseudo-memories

  1. That must be quite an amnesiac elephant if you “don’t remember these details that I really want to” 😀
    And periods.. well.. I don’t know about it well enough to speak about it.. but I would worry about Hammerhead sharks. Did you know that they can smell blood from around a hundred kilometers away…? 😀 Really, honest… I don’t know about the ones in that particular waterpark, but I am sure they got a sniff in… where is that tasty human???

    And Indore… hmmm.. these grey cells are working mon ami..,… either a Bhosle or a Scindia 😛
    Just kidding, not intruding.. after all I just met you… and er… already talking about periods etc… periods etc . And here . <<


  2. But why pseudo? Did not get that. It is a lovely post. Brought back memories of Peshwe Park where the zoo in Pune used to be. Growing up, I think there were at least two incidents of tigers escaping from their cages and it caused such a stir in Pune. My mum used to take us everywhere, especially during vacations. It was she, her Luna, and my sister and I. We had to compulsorily wear cloth like hats with an elastic under the chin. One summer she used to rush home from office to take us swimming and since her office was far, it would have been quite hectic for her. Wow. It has been long. Should try and capture it before the details get hazier.

    Swara Bhaskar recently spoke about menses and the relationship she had with her father on this. Reminded me of that.


  3. Gosh. Ditto same thing my mom told dad, Moo badi ho gayi. In tamil ofcourse. And that image of him breaking into a giant grin and checking the calendar for what date it was, is burned into by brain, never to be wiped off. Ugghh.


    • It was horrible that time! What with the other nasty changes already happening. Siggghhhh.
      Now it’s such a regular event that my dad told me the other day to stop getting worked up and senti as I am not in ‘sochne-samajhne ki haalat mein’. Face palm.


  4. this is such an amazing post. I could almost feel the nostalgia myself, and a load of memories came gushing! you have penned down such honest, innocent and beautiful instances here! 🙂

    Zoos and picnics.. I wish i did that. the zoo in my hometown, sucked big time. I don’t think its there anymore..

    And your chashme ka number!! Seriously? 😀 Jejus!


    • Haah! Why do you think I keep saying I am almost legally blind? Cuz I am. Lol!
      My parents and I are going to San Diego zoo this weekend. That is one place I can go to because ethically, more or less, I feel at peace, looking at all the conservation research they do. I will take some nashta. 😀

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  5. haha! you do remember quite a lot still 😀 some of my cousins say that even i have a great memory as I keep pointing things out from childhood, remember that one time we did this and so on! i dont think i have a great one, just not as bad as others maybe 😛 i do remember clearly my first period. ah, and, i also dont remember much of ex relationship details like those!


  6. Such a lovely post. It brought back so many personal memories. Like the times my mum took my sister and I on her little Sunny. She had just learnt to ride a scooter and she’d still take us to so many places. All three of us have also fallen off the teeny-tiny Sunny several times.

    I remember my first period vividly too. Somehow, I had assumed that it would last for only three days, and happily went to school without a pad on the fourth. Found myself in a pool of blood. Yikes! Had to get a pad from the headmistress. Oh, btw, I also remember my mum telling several people, “hee motthi zali, bara ka” Arrghhh! AWKWARD!

    Remember several first with the husband. We pretty much grew up together given that we started dating when we were both 18. We are in the same boat when it comes to specs as well. 😀


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