Pearls of Wisdom

How would the sky look if it were all pink instead of the same old blue…

Are there aliens? And if they do exist, why won’t they contact us? But, why should they? Maybe they are smart enough to let us be. I mean, there has to be another galaxy or a solar system where there is an intelligent kind of life form. We can’t be a mere accident, for God’s sakes. Will we ever discover it? I hope not! We destroy anything that we touch. Opposite of Midas.

My toes are ugly. If I scrub my feet long enough, will the zebra tan go away? Maybe if I scrape off the top layer of the skin…

If I would have made myself study harder in 12th Board exams, I would have gotten a better college in Pune. Could have studied better for GRE and gotten a better school. I could have maybe had a great job. Wait. SO the end result would be the same. Meh. Whatever, I have a patent under my name now.

How do people have such flat stomachs? How do I make my tummy tire disappear? Can I cut it off?

How can a 6 degree turn change the temperature from cold to sh^t-my-skin-just-boiled-off!

How do I get a boyfriend? So long it has been…. On sooo many levels. But who cares. I am so not getting someone. This girl? Who takes, literally, 3-5 business days to reply to any text from a potential suitor?

Look at me wave. Double wave. Okay, I have stopped waving, but the flab on my upperarm won’t stop. Ugghh, stupid arm bat-wing. Can I cut it off??

Will I ever get married? Why, God, why did you(Insert the xBF’s name) have to leave! So hard to start over again. Are YOU getting married though? What’s the b^%$h’s name?? I almost don’t want you to marry. But you are sooooo nice. You should marry and be happy. I hate myself.

Holy F*&^%! All that is MY hair??

Sh#t, Reddit was right!! Dumbledore WAS death! He gave Harry the cloak, the stone and guided him to the wand. He even greeted him ta King’s Cross like an old friend! *MIND BLOWN!*

What do I eat?

*We never go out of style… We never go out of style…..JUST TAKE ME HOOOMMEEEEEEEE* ♫ ♬

I need a wardrobe change. I am bored of the clothes I have. I should be more fashionable. Why cant I buy new trends? Why do I wait for a year and then want? Why am I so stupid? Someone buy me new clothes, I am broke.

Should I put down the $1000 deposit on the new Tesla?

OW OW! My eyes!!! *Intense burning like hell is on fire!!*

Will I ever win a lottery? Hah! Fat chance with never even buying a ticket. Vegas is also not kind to me. I am going to be broke forever. Unless I marry rich. Hah! Fat chance.

Heh, I can’t twerk. 

If I can scrape off the skin on my feet, maybe I should do that to face too. But how?

Will Trump be the president? What would the socio-economic condition be if Bernie Sanders is the president? The Wall Street definitely has too much power and so do the lobbyists. Re-distribution of wealth is a great idea on paper but incredibly difficult to achieve considering the tax situation and the amount of people receiving benefits. What is the oil price today? Need to look it up. Do not look up 401K again today. LEAVE IT ALONE! Is Clinton going to be charged for the email-privacy-Benghazi thing?

If I cup my hands at my stomach and collect the water, and let go like this… *SPLASH!!*

If I cross my arms correctly, even bigger *SPLASSSHHHH*

I look like a prune now. Gotta get out.

Shower is such a fun place to think, innit?



14 thoughts on “Pearls of Wisdom

  1. That is a lot of information in one post. aah.. so you have patent, that is great. aren’t you making any bucks out of it? yet?
    Who knows, we might be tiniest creatures not visible to alien eyes, even if they have discovered earth? or who knows we are robots that they have created to pro-create and find ourselves?
    It would totally be interesting if trump wins, but that is most likely not the case anyway.

    There is a wardrobe rental opportunities lately, you can wear trendy clothes all the time. money saver 🙂 and you would never ever get bored. perhaps.
    And no worries about bf’s, xbf – enjoy the freedom of life while it lasts.


  2. this is such a refreshing post! 😀 i was smiling all the way.. I think you shared the pic of that pump (or whatever) you made.. I must say…that patent thing – KUDOS! 😀


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