The dinner dilemma

“Baby, let’s go out tonight.
What do you want for dinner?”
“Sure, that sounds cool,
I am cool with whatever.”

“Where do you wanna go?
Entrees and desert to share.
Fine dining or fast food?”
“I don’t really care.”

“How about some Italian?
And that wine tonight.”
“Umm, I don’t know.
I want something light.”

“Let’s get some Ramen.
The weather’s cool.”
“We just had it few weeks back.
Not really makin’ me drool.”

“We can do some other Asian,
You sure like Pad Thai.”
“I want something spicy.
It’s not in my top five.”

“Indian sounds good,
To stir up the flavor,”
“We eat that all the time.
Curry over and over.”

“How about Pizza or sandwich.
We shall get that fast.”
“But baby, I will be hungry again.
That definitely won’t last.”

“Just tell me what you want,
Enough of this game.”
“I knew you don’t care for me!
All your loving words are lame.”

“No babe, I am sorry!
We will do what you want.
We shall go out and eat.
Or I will cook if you shan’t.”

“Meh, I don’t wanna eat at home.
Let’s just go out.
You decide where to,
That I don’t wanna think about.”

The BAE suffers daily,
Driven nuts by a girlfriend or a wife.
I may be strong and independent,
But this is also the story of my life.



Haah! This is me day in and day out! With the significant other or with friends, my story is the same. I hate having to decide anything, specially cuisine and place to eat. I have almost cried because I couldn’t decide and have also made a few people shed tears by saying NO to everything. My strong Libran characteristics make it worse for me.

I hear the same going on with Shawn and his GF. This was partly inspired by one of his stories the other day. 🙂

The xBF had come up with an interesting solution. He would start asking what I was absolutely not feeling like having and then would narrow it down. So I had no other drama to entangle him in. Smart guy, him.

Public note : Girls, please don’t get mad at me. This comes from true experiences, but there’s no generalization. All of you who can make up their minds in a snap, I bow down to thee. 😀


29 thoughts on “The dinner dilemma

      • You are so ready to get married 😉
        BTW, someone I know from blog has found her match ( found out today ). So, this might be your time as well… 😀


          • I like what you said. But if it were me, would have added a caveat: ” But of course, marriage and companionship isn’t the same thing”. That of course, would be me.Companionship se yaaad aaya, you said you would visit Delhi. When is that happening? Summer mein toh you should avoid. Uske baad nikal aao idhar… Koi prospective dulha nai hai kya iss area mein? 😛


            • It doesn’t, but I don’t have an aversion. And I do like the thought of a marriage, not necessarily a wedding.
              I don’t know when I will come to India next. :-/ Lets see. Idhar chakkar lagao.


              • Agar lagaya toh you don’t even have to ask. Rehne khaane ka paisa toh kam se kam bachega hi 😉 I did tell you about sister in Wharton, right? Toh shayad usse visit karu. Ya toh abhi, ya uske convo par. Long term plans… 🙂


  1. Ha ha ha, that can be me. Some days I just don’t know what to cook or what to eat and where to eat and sometimes we think we can avoid it by postponing the decision. Then, end up hangry and nervous because we don’t know what to eat.


  2. Totally the story of my life. I don’t know what I want to eat. But I def have cuisines I don’t want to eat, but I don’t enlighten the husband about them until he recommends them. By the end of the discussion I am a Very HAnGry person


    • Maybe I did 😉 *creepy alert*
      I hear this from Shawn almost every other day! Then this is how I responded when I was with the xBF and now when friends ask ki PB what do you wanna eat? I am always stumped.


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