Keep your MOJO flyin’ 

There are enough people in the world who want to kick you in the b*tt. They exist to bring you down, call you names and show you what a loser you are, which you so are not.

And then there are some ‘friends’ who will tell you how average you are and how being average sucks. They will cover it up with a very nice sounding ‘Be the Best or the Worst, no place for Average’. You will tell them excitedly about these simple things, and they will bring you down. No matter what you are, you will just be a ditzy little child.

You know what? Don’t let anyone steal your MOJO. You need to tell them this :
“I am f*ing average, and smart, and yes, I enjoy silliness. You of course can see only BS because your head is so up your own……….”

PS: I cant quite say that because of the inherent need to be liked by everyone. Siiiiggghhhhhhh. But the least I can do is shut my ears to their trap.



I wonder, what goes on behind certain thought processes people have. I wish I could know when people say something, do something, and be okay with it, what are they actually thinking. How do they come to the conclusion, or if there is any conclusion at all.

I wonder what were those people thinking when they decided to drag a Turtle out of the sea, stand on it to click selfies and then thrash it with a stick. What kind of people exist right next to us, who think it’s okay to pass around a baby dolphin struggling for breathes, just because it will be a cool shot to have? What would make someone strangle a swan in the process of having a new profile picture? How did they bring themselves to pay money for a Rhino horn or a Tiger head?

Are these people ever going to feel guilt? Or are they going to shrug it off with ‘shit happens’ and walk away?

Is there any ounce of regret somehwere when they read that the turtle has severe head injuries and is struggling to survive even after being pumped with antibiotics? Maybe it is just one of the million animals who die anyways. Some caged up all their lives, some tortured, some shot, some injected, some skinned, some beaten up to death, and some suffocated. Where does this depravity come from, and where is it going to end? How has survival instinct moved beyond food and protection to just mindless profit and utter stupidity?

What goes on in the mind of the animal being abused? ‘What is happening to me? Why is this happening to me?’ It is argued that animals cant think and don’t feel the pain. Then why do they cry out?
And what goes on in the mind of the abuser when they hear the cries? Nothing?

We need to be afraid. Very afraid.


Survivor Instinct

Hello world! I am in a crazy funk and somehow out of everything.

So, I am going to write down about a gameplan that I have ready and chalked up. It could have its own blueprint if I knew how to draw one up. Is it white on blue or blue on white?

If I am in an apartment, I must put the chain lock up and bolt the door. In the event of a door strike down, I must have it barricaded by a couch. I must keep a fire extinguisher ready to face the door and be ready to blast at the door. The bedroom door must also have a lock and the bottom half covered by an aluminum plate. The bathroom door has a lock as well, so there will be two degrees of protection.

If I am in a bungalow/house, I must have tall fences with cactus planted behind it. The windows will have a shatter proof glass and no amount of pounding will break them from outside. The screens on windows and doors must be strong aluminium. Rest of the security plan from the apartment must be followed.

The bed will be high enough and must have storage to hide in. There should be firecrackers with a lot of light and bang in the closet, ready to set off.

In case it happens, I will push a couch against the door, and run and enter the bedroom. I will grab the firecrackers, set them off and run into the bathroom. That should be enough I think. Right? Right??

Why have I been making this elaborate plan in my head since I was a wee little girl?

For a lion loose in the city who is going to try and get in my home, of course.


This cringe-worthy life

You know, I used to look at other kids in my school or college and think of them as total weirdos, while thanking God about how I so was not like that. I used to think of the shitty phase the kids had and being glad that I never did. I had even claimed to my mom that how classy AF I was and not like others. All the while, I was in the top league of weirdos. Hello, cringey life. I have been in splits since I started remembering how awful I was(or I am :-/) and how phase-y I can be. I am sitting here with tears pouring down my face from embarrassment and utter laughter.


Cringe life

If we start talking about fashion, I have realized that I flow with trends, but after they have been around for atleast 2 years and are almost passing by, I will join the bandwagon. I am not the totally trendy person you see and neither the ‘shun trend and make my own style’ girl. I am somewhere weirdly in between, very unmemorable. Why am I saying all this? I have so many pictures of wearing stuff after the trend has passed and looking ridiculous in the said clothes. Imagine Henna color checked parallel pants with a matching short jacket. My brain hurts thinking about it. When I was 6-7, we went on a Shimla trip and there is a picture of me wearing a black n white pinstriped blazer style fitted pencil dress with a big black belt and a matching hat. I felt that I was looking mad cool. I want to tear that picture. Imagine a specy, spindly 7 year old with front teeth knocked out posing like she is convinced she is Princess Diana. I am usually on top of fashion theoretically through magazines, articles and blogs but I do not end up buying stuff for a long time. I have a tendency to go ‘Ewww no’ for a lot of things that I see for the first time before it turns into ‘Awesome Unicorn Gorgeousness’. The other day I was out in the mall and realized how everyone was suddenly in bomber jackets in military green color, just like puffer jackets last year. I know that I will not like them now but will crave for them in a couple of months. By the time I own something, it’s on its way out. Thank God for cyclical fashion though. Who is looking cool in those palazzos, aka the old parallels from those days? Haah! Clarification : I don’t have the same parallels now, its physically impossible to fit in those, even if I had those. They were ugly as hell too. But I do fit into a super cute plaid, kilt style skirt that I got for my 10th birthday.

I remember the fun junior college days that people call high school in other parts of the world. I thought I was the coolest cat around and wore red t-shirts pretty much every day with embroidered flared jeans. I had a thing for silver rings and 8 of my fingers had rings on them sourced from Hong Kong lane in Pune. Yep that’s the street of choice for all silver jewelry based needs. I recall having purple flared pants also that had slits going up on my shins. Fergusson college road had the coolest stuff and Kareena Kapoor’s 2000’s colorful fashion was inspirational. Those were also the days when I would trip 800 times a day in my sky high platform shoes. I stopped wearing those once I had a boyfriend who was just a few inches taller at that age(16-ish) and had the realization dawn upon me that walking like a newborn giraffe on stilts was not cool. It’s been flats since that day. I had gone to Goa on a trip with my friends in the last year of undergrad and there is this weird thing that stands out for me. I had gotten a thick, black, beaded bracelet for N, Ani and me and for some reason, I started wearing it on my upper arm. Only after I saw a picture of me with that thing, I realized, a week later, how dumb that looked.

When I got into college, I had a crush on two guys during the first couple of months. Those guys were and will always be way out of my league. But I had a close friend though who was in that group and was absolutely the kind of girl they would hang out with. You get my drift? Like if it was high school(which life always is), she would be on the cool table with those guys and rest of the gang planning a next party, and I would sit with the Harry Potter obsessed kids who sometimes forget to brush their hair and discuss Govinda movies. She is an amazing person and would just somehow fit everywhere actually! So, to sound yo, I started learning about rock music from her. Seriously, this happened and we always laugh about that whenever talk now. This was followed by a phase trying to like Eminem’s rap, thanks to that idiot I was with. I was even writing gothic poetry because loneliness and sadness and depression was just soooooo romantic. It was cool to be sad?! This calmed down only to re-surface a couple of years back when a friend told me that chart topper music is yuck and how Beatles and Pink Floyd are the best. Thankfully, I got over that really quickly and now unabashedly listen to the radio top 40, Taylor Swift, and all Hindi music. The weird pretentious music loving phase did yield to me some sappy loving for some artists including Bryan Adams, whose concert I am going to in July. To be honest, most loving is fueled by nostalgia because I am not majorly into music. I like Pop, and I can’t help it. Actually, I don’t want to help it. Hmmmpphh.

The cringey things I say, will take up reams of paper if I start writing them down. I have a tendency to say ‘Wish you the same’ after someone wishes me ‘Happy Birthday!’ How? Why? I don’t know. Even if I have fought off a Cassowary, swam with sharks and then had a dinner party with gnomes in the garden, if someone asks me how my weekend was, I will blank out and say ‘Eh, alright, relaxed.’ It would be still fine if I left it at that. But the long pause and that look of trying to remember, takes me down. Once a guy was flirting with me and told me that my shoes were cute. I proceeded to say ‘I have flat feet.’ That was the most appropriate response I could come up with?! There was this one month that I was saying ‘Honestly’ all the time as punctuation or response. There was also a phase of ’50 shades of embarrassment/crazy or whatever the heck the feeling was’.

So even if I thought of myself as someone who sailed through without a phase, I know I had more than my fair share to laugh about. I spell out P-H-O-N-Y, and don’t miss the capital letters.I will not even deny that I am going to laugh about what I am right now, a few years down the line.

I can imagine a 40 year old me cringing :

Uggh PB? Seriously you wrote these kind of posts? I can’t believe you were being so sappy! THIS felt funny?? You wore that?!  You sang Taylor Swift all the time?? Well, homegirl is cool, so that’s okay.


5-5-1 challenge

The moment I saw this challenge on The Girl Next Door’s blog, I knew I had to poke my nose in! This turned out to be a fun task and I got to take my parents to the beach as well. Not bad for a Saturday morning, eh?

Here is my picture and writeup:


I was at Laguna Beach in the morning to get a shot of what represented Southern California living, the Pacific Ocean! But it was so cloudy and dreary. Then, I spotted these guys representing what I think is another aspect of life here that I love.. And I knew I had my picture.

One thing that I find very striking about California and USA in general is the love for sports, fitness and outdoor activities. If I go to the park early in the morning on weekends, I will easily catch people getting together to play basketball, soccer, and even cricket! People will gather even on weekday evenings to play. These people are inspirational. It is easy to say that I don’t have time to do these things and not feel too guilty. But I see complete professionals taking some time out of their busy schedules to exercise their bodies, minds and have fun in groups or with families. This spirit has rubbed onto me as well and I have become one of those people who will look forward to working out in the evenings, and going on walks or swims with friends. I even play in a softball league on Wednesday evenings. The thrill of a win, the high of a happy hour, the playful ribbing for a bad pitching, the excitement of a hustle to the next base, knowing that I have burned some calories and deepened some friendships. I am lovin’ it.

Go check out Norm’s blog and the rest of the pictures! 🙂

After an initial 2-2-1 (two people, two places, one time) and two subsequent 3-3-1 (three people, etc.) we are once again expanding. The original concept was that all of the participants would take a picture simultaneously; then write a short piece about the picture. It worked. But with the addition of more people, in more […]

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