Survivor Instinct

Hello world! I am in a crazy funk and somehow out of everything.

So, I am going to write down about a gameplan that I have ready and chalked up. It could have its own blueprint if I knew how to draw one up. Is it white on blue or blue on white?

If I am in an apartment, I must put the chain lock up and bolt the door. In the event of a door strike down, I must have it barricaded by a couch. I must keep a fire extinguisher ready to face the door and be ready to blast at the door. The bedroom door must also have a lock and the bottom half covered by an aluminum plate. The bathroom door has a lock as well, so there will be two degrees of protection.

If I am in a bungalow/house, I must have tall fences with cactus planted behind it. The windows will have a shatter proof glass and no amount of pounding will break them from outside. The screens on windows and doors must be strong aluminium. Rest of the security plan from the apartment must be followed.

The bed will be high enough and must have storage to hide in. There should be firecrackers with a lot of light and bang in the closet, ready to set off.

In case it happens, I will push a couch against the door, and run and enter the bedroom. I will grab the firecrackers, set them off and run into the bathroom. That should be enough I think. Right? Right??

Why have I been making this elaborate plan in my head since I was a wee little girl?

For a lion loose in the city who is going to try and get in my home, of course.

12 thoughts on “Survivor Instinct

  1. *Hint* Do not watch the TV show “Zoo.” You have the exactly opposite plan that my grandson employs. When he is watching a scary movie he unlocks all of the doors so that he can make a quick escape in case there is someone/something already in the house.

    I have to say, PB, that your precautions would also work with human stalkers. In any case, I hope that you never need to use them.


  2. Hmm see id agree with everything but the bed part. Having a lot of space below the bed means anyone can HIDE RIGHT THERE!!!! thats one my nightmares and I always check below my bed before getting under the covers.


  3. I like your meticulous planning. I sincerely wish you never need to put this plan into action, but hey, the insane world we live in, having a safety plan in place can never hurt.
    Made mental notes to use in times of crises πŸ˜€


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