Do lives matter?

It has been a while since I have broken down while watching a TV show. Sure, Ned Stark’s death and the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones did that for me, but the way I have been feeling since yesterday, I have not yet felt like that in some time. All the news coverage, Facebook posts could not do what the pre-finale of Season 4 of Orange is the New Black did for me.

With GOT, I could convince myself that it’s just a story, and fantasy, and the kingdoms were used to such barbaric acts and dishonor. But with OITNB, I can’t even tell myself that it’s all fantasy. Are you going to tell me that everything is hunky dory in prison? That some prison guards aren’t there to suck on the blood of helpless inmates? I have absolute respect for police and veterans and I salute them for the job they are doing. But what is to tell that some cruel nerve in a person’s head hasn’t turned on to commit vicious acts of making a young woman gulp down a baby rat? Or turning an already racial charged environment into a fight ring for his own sick pleasure? Watching Crazy Eyes lose all her control, and her backstory of how she got into prison, made me lose it. I could not stop crying while she punched on, getting egged on by the sick Guard. If this is the prison situation in USA, I dare not think of the developing countries. It is no secret that Human Rights is a joke.

From all the spoilers and story lines that I had read, I knew what was coming next. But nothing had prepared me for how the situation will unfold. A psycho authoritarian, a potentially PTSD-diagnosed bunch of veterans working as guards with one openly admitting to killing and raping ‘people’ in Afghanistan, a young man who became a guard just as a job and has a life altering accident, a sleep deprived Russian mother-figure, and the extremely divided inmate group who come together for a peaceful protest after bearing all the atrocities. Sweet, Poussey Washington, with her hooch making skills, lopsided grin, dreaming of a future with SoSo, thrown in the jail with hardcore murderers and drug lords for the pettiest reason possible(was her race a reason?). The flashback they show of her in NYC made it even more heart-wrenching because she was just a sweet girl, enjoying her teens. I wept helplessly even after the show was done.

Poussey on Love. 🙂

Is that just TV? Are there no innocent colored men or women being killed? No one getting harmed by the suffocating chokeholds? No traffic stoplight cop encounters? There is no end to the debate about gun violence, although I don’t see how free availability of assault rifles is so important, even for self defense. Who are they defending themselves against? An army? But issues like LGBT rights, ending racism, shouldn’t even be talking points. And then there are the cops shot in the line of duty. Good people, decent guys. But that doesn’t take away the fact that something is definitely lacking and some people are being treated worse than others. What Jon Stewart says here, resonates. 

I don’t know what to say further. Nothing will be enough. It’s a sick world we live in.

14 thoughts on “Do lives matter?

  1. Poussey’s death on OINTB shook me horribly. I wept. And then like an idiot, i consoled myself thinking about how thats on TV and barring incidents from the past, it wouldn’t happen again. But it did. Back to back to back incidents of violence in real life. Pretty numbed by the whole thing but i have to shake it off because I cant afford to stop fighting how ever i can. Need to leave somewhat of a saner world for my kids.

    Going back to OINTB though, this has to be the most intense season yet. I say that for every season and every season. sigh.


  2. You know, from what ive heard and i do think its true, overall violence is actually at an all time low. Compared to where we were during the medieval times or even just a 1000 years back, i think we are in a much better, civilized place. But this is ofcourse, only when you zoom out a lot to see the very very large picture.

    Ofcourse, this doesn’t justify the shit some people or sections of the society are put through.

    There is still a very long way to go. Maybe in another 2000 years, we will get there.

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    • Specially compared to the World War times. But I am not sure if the study talks about it in comparison to population density or total number. It could be, but I don’t know.
      What get me are the useless reasons for which people are killed, like race, falling in love, etc. specially in this century.


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