N-N-1 Picture Challenge

After the last picture challenge that we had, Mr. Norm Houseman contacted me with this amazing thought that I could be trusted with the responsibility to host the next challenge. Oh, bless him! I took up the task promptly, super-excited, because it was the first time I was doing something like this on my blog. I emailed a lot of people from Norm’s and my contacts and I got a good number of people to respond! Trust me, I was beaming with pride when I was compiling all the pictures in the blog post! Everyone has done a great task and got my ‘Evening Vision’ to life in different time zones. As the host, I had the liberty to chose the time and date and I decided that it should be 7 pm on 2nd July. I don’t know why, but I feel the world looks the best in the evenings when it’s a little dark, but also a little shiny. šŸ™‚ Also, it being a long weekend, I knew I would be out. šŸ˜‰ Sneaky, I know. Perks of being a lead.

So, here are the shots of the evening we all had, that fabulous Saturday.

Princess Butter

The 4th of July long weekend brought along a lot of interestingĀ moments.

From a chance Anuroop date, to depressingĀ hypothetical questions.
From chatty sleepovers with friends, to a fun 9 year old showing me her favorite videos.
From long drives thanks to traffic, to quick stopovers for bagels.
From Kayaking in still bay waters , to being tumbled like in a washing machine by high tides of the Pacific.
From sacrificing our sun glasses to the sea Gods, to dumping truckloads of sand in the bathtub.
From late night pizzas, to even later in the night mangoes.
From having a bachelorette life over weekdays, to having a full happy home over the weekend.
From cool Cucumber coolers, to mad Bollywood dancing to Whiskey shots.
From piping hot Maggi noodles with spicy ketchup, to a super refreshing Trader Joesā€™ Sangria.
From leaving upset from a previously loved Indian restaurant, to finding an even better place for Indian food.
From loving ‘Muricaaa to missing Indiaaaa.
From glowy sunsets at this gorgeous Lighthouse CafƩ at Newport Beach, to stunning fireworks right by my apartments.
Life is good, my friends. *Touchwood*



What makes for a perfect evening?

Rains. Not the feeble drizzle that’s been going on for the last few days, but a wholehearted downpour. Just the way i like it. And about time too. Weeeeeee.

Hot momos and schezwan chutney.

And a dear friend of 21 years. Aalu and i have spent many evenings fighting over who was taller and whose hibiscus and mud chutney looked more appetizing. Today, we strategize ways to stay ahead of workplace politics and argue about who has hotter boobs, Ros or Melisandre. Obviously it’s Ros, but she just doesnā€™t agree! Hmph.

(She won the who-is-taller contest. I’ve lost that game to all my friends, except Nish and Shengs. Its very rare for me to be the tallest in any group. So meeting those 2 will always make me grin ear to ear. See, see, im taller than you. Na n na naa na).



I wish I had come up with a better picture,but this is all that I am doing these days. My GRE exam is less than a month away and all my waking moments are either spent in planning the topics that I have to practice or actually doing them. The majority of my day goes in attending college and by the time I am home,I get at the most 5 hours to study. And it is not enough. So,the weekends are spent with my books sprawled all over the place. I prefer to sit on the floor or my bed to study rather than the desk only because I can spread all my books and stationery and sit comfortably.
I have only 3 weekends to go until the D-day and the stress is killing me. So,this challenge was a great way for me to think about something other than the GRE !! Hopefully,the next N-N-1 Picture Challenge will have a more interesting picture from me šŸ˜€


Anju Lavina

We’re not the ‘go out and party on Saturday’ night sort of people, but living in an exciting city like Bangkok means we’re either at some new pop up night market or away at some beach in Thailand. As luck would have it, at the time of this N-N-1, we were confined to the house because my partner had a bad case of the ‘cooties’ (he’s a teacher and has to deal with bugs every now and then). I’m not complaining. Our flat is beautiful and has a great view out into town. It also has these huge glass windows and when either of us want to slow time down, we turn off the lights, open up the curtains and just watch the world go by. This Saturday, our ‘wrap yourself in a blanket cloud’ moment was delightfully interrupted by torrential rain. There’s nothing more comforting than watching rain pass. It makes a boring concrete skyline (and passing sky-train in the background) look that much more magical.

Anju Lavina.jpg

Norm Houseman

There is a saying here in the U.S.A. that there is nothing more American than baseball, hot dogs, and Momā€™s apple pie. You used to here that a lot around the Fourth of July. If you donā€™t know the history of the U.S.A., July 4th is our Independence Day; the day we commemorate our Declaration of Independence from the cruel, despotic rule of Englandā€™s King George III. Iā€™m pretty sure that history books in Great Britain describe it somewhat differently. Since the 4th falls on a Monday this year, we have turned the holiday into a long weekend celebration. I went in search of a baseball game for my picture, figuring that I would find either a baseball or softball game being played at a local park. No such luck! The fields were deserted. No one was selling hot dogs at the empty concession stands. Homemade apple pie? Are you kidding? Cindy did make me a sugar-free butterscotch cream pie. YUM!

Luckily I had gone to the park early, and when I found it deserted I left and drove around town. When 7 p.m. rolled around I was rolling down a quiet side street in Lafayette. This house caught my attention. While there is not a baseball or hot dog or an apple pie (not even a mom) to be seen. There is an American flag on the porch and, for me, a lazy summer vibe about the place. It works for me.


Pin n Ashes

These came my way today. To say Iā€™m thrilled will be an understatement. Iā€™m over the clouds, sitting at the tip of the crescent moon, with an open jar nearly finishing my rainbow cake and brownies.. Somebody just sent me some of my favourite things from my favourite place.

Floored! Absolutely!

Pins n Ashes.jpg

Jatin Haibat

Welcome to Central Pennsylvania! It is warm and sunny here right now, but don’tĀ let that fool you. In winters, all this will be covered in up to 6 inches of snow, andĀ the temperature would drop down to less than -10Ā°C. Until next summerā€¦

State College, PA is a college town. Almost 50% of its residents are students at theĀ Pennsylvania State University, and so am I. Of the remaining population, a largeĀ majority of the people are involved in supporting roles for the university. So theĀ demographics tilt heavily in favor of the university. So much, that during college-breaks, even the public transport buses operate on a reduced schedule.

Right now, the summer vacations are on and most of the students have gone backĀ home. The town has taken a very quaint and peaceful appearance. But before long,Ā the students will be back, the paths will be crowded with people walking betweenĀ classes, and there would be long lines outside the bars and pubs. The place will beĀ buzzing with activity again, until Thanksgiving; when suddenly for a week, theĀ town will be on mute-mode again.

This picture was taken at the university arboretum. In the background, you can seeĀ the edge of the campus, and it is just the tip of the iceberg. The sprawling campusĀ is spread over 5,448 acres, and it is a very pretty sight indeed.

Jatin Haibat.JPG


12 thoughts on “N-N-1 Picture Challenge

  1. Reblogged this on Classical Gasbag and commented:
    Wow! When I asked Princess Butter to host the N-N-1 challenge I had no idea how great a job she would do. I asked her because I enjoy reading A Splash of My Life. Who knew she also has great organizational skills and could bring in so many other new people and perspectives? I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do.


  2. Reblogged this on pins & ashes and commented:
    When a few of us bloggers got together and took a picture at exactly 7 pm wherever we were located on Saturday the 2nd of July, 2016, this is how it came out. N-N-1. Originally Norm began this as 2-2-1 (two people, two places, one time) and two subsequent 3-3-1 (three people, etc.). But then when more and more people came to know, like I came to know it through a post from Jan and the girl next door, it became n-n-1 (n number of people, n pictures, on time)

    The original concept was that all of the participants would take a picture simultaneously; then write a short piece about the picture. It worked. But with the addition of more people, in more time zones, it became apparent that either some people would be taking pictures in the very early morning, or the very late night. We didnā€™t want that. So a time was fixed.

    Enjoy what different people had to show you at their time zones at a particular time! Absolutely loved being part of it, and more so, because it was a day my sister-in-law to be sent me my very first gift! All that the brother has to say is,his wife to be, just won his sister over.. šŸ™‚


  3. The picture you clicked reminded me of some scene from Grey’s Anatomy. Cannot pinpoint exactly which scene but the first thing that came to my mind was ‘Seattle’.

    And Thank You for this šŸ™‚
    . My writing has gone down so many levels in the recent months!


  4. Reblogged this on KHAYALI PULAO… and commented:
    This was such a fun picture challenge, and my first! Im usually not the kind of person who just whips out her phone and captures all the magical moments in her life and all that. The moment usually passes by the time i realize i have something called a camera.
    So ever since Butter mailed me about it, i kept my fingers crossed and prayed for 2nd June, 7 PM to find me at an interesting place in life. Please, please, pretty please. Turns out, the Rain Gods were listening :).

    This is my picture and write up, along with the others’ who participated this. Enzoyy!


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