Random stuff again…

1. I prefer to slouch rather than sit straight. It feels better on my stomach for some reason. It does hurt my neck though which has been chronic since high school. So I slouch and type on my work computer with T-Rex arms. Speaking of my stomach, I have been having trouble doing Sit-Ups properly. The gut’s too big. 😦 I am running out of hard motivation to keep up with working out. Even ‘PB, you aren’t hot anymore!’ isn’t working. Noxious SA, please help! 

2. I have started to dislike Green Tea. I did not love it before, but I could drink it. Now I don’t want anything to do with it. I think I need different flavors or a brand. Also, I don’t like the simple Indian tea without Tea Masala(spice) or Ginger. But I don’t like cardamom.

3. I have happily planted a lot of veggies and herbs in my patio, completely forgetting that there will be bees. I am TERRIFIED of bees. When a bee/fly/whatever would fly into my classroom at school or college, I was the first one to scream like a banshee, shut my ears and duck under the bench. For some reason, shutting my ears is a natural instinct. I have to hand pollinate my cucumber flowers(the male and female flowers are separate), just to make sure that the bees aren’t just freaking me out but doing their jobs, and the giggles are unstoppable. *Insert dirty jokes*

4. It has been pointed out to me that babies like me a lot. Considering that I think of myself as hopeless with kids, it’s sort of an achievement when babies cry with everyone until they come to me(except their mama). I don’t do very much except talk to them and tell them about my day, and rock them continuously. Haha! The rocking is helpful with upper arms too!

5. When you climb at the back of a Target shopping cart and push with one leg, going wheee, it can topple over if empty. I learnt this recently.

    12 thoughts on “Random stuff again…

    1. You did.. oh no. . But hey that is fun.. especially when you quickly get up to have a look .. has anyone seen me topple..

      But yes funn it is.. I have had some curious eyes in me when I wheeeeeeeeeeedddddd around on the shopping trolly. ..

      And well at least you can do some sort of exercise .. This side movements are becoming difficult. .I need to get up and do something. . Ahhhhhhhhh


    2. No ya, Target carts are the sturdiest, I have tried wheeling around in them when they are empty not just once, but a million times. They show no signs of toppling.

      I’m surprised it happened with you!


      • Have you considered the possibility that you are light as a feather? 😀 Or I may have just become heavier. Hehe.
        I think my foot was turned out too much and that shifted the center of balance towards me and so I toppled. Will not deter me from trying again.


    3. You hate green tea? I somehow have come to like it. So much so that I tried Green tea desserts and loved them too! (everybody else hated the Green tea desserts and looked at me funnily) 😀

      I want to exercise too 😦 Your instagram was one inspiration


      • I used to like it fine! Suddenly I can’t have it anymore. I wonder if it’s this batch of Trader Joes that has put me off it. Such stuff happens to me. Lol. I like something, but lose taste and then get back to it. I enjoy the flavored ones though.
        I am trying to get back. I blame my buddy too. But now that he has hit his highest weight ever, we are more regular. 😉 Hopefully we will inspire each other better soon!


    4. Been there done that with the Target cart..Sigh..so much so for thinking it was sturdy. My husband wisely bit back a chuckle and his words and just helped me up but the cashiers came running to check on me. not my finest moment ahem.
      Ok so for green tea, like you, i cant stomach it either so i tried adding in a bit of ginger powder and then allspice powder. SO much better.

      try karke dekho?


      • Man! I dont think anyone saw me. I was in the Home section. I would have died if it was in the beauty section! 🙄
        Green tea recipe sounds good! So I have recently learned how to make tea ok(don’t laugh. If I admitted I knew, my dad would make me make it 10 times a day). So I made it 2 weekends ago with this masala recipe on vegrecipesofindia. Mortar-pestle and ginger, cloves, cinnamon. Serving size 2 cup that I put in 1 cup. In 100 degrees outside. I had the tea happily and then broke out in a horrible sweat! I read the recipe again and it was not suitable for summer. 😭


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